How to use Instagram's close friends feature

How to use Instagram’s close friends feature

Stories have quickly become a popular feature on Instagram for sharing content more casually than regular posts, but they don’t always need to be seen by all of your followers, especially if you have a lot of them ranging from peers and past colleagues. college to current friends and family. In this case, Instagram’s Close Friends feature can be a good solution.

Instagram Close Friends is a customizable list of users you like to share your stories with the most. The feature was designed to help you instantly share those innermost stories only with the people you consider closest to you (whether you follow them or not).

At the moment, close friends can only be used with Stories, not with other Instagram sharing features like posts or direct messages.

How to use close friends on Instagram

The Instagram Close Friends feature can only be used on the official Instagram mobile app for iOS or Android. You can’t use it on in a web browser. The following instructions apply to both Instagram apps for iOS and Android.

  1. Open the Instagram app on your iOS or Android device and, if necessary, log into your account or switch to the account you want to use.

  2. Switch to your profile card by tapping the button person in the menu below.

  3. Tap the button menu in the upper right corner of the home feed.

  4. Touch Close friends in the vertical menu that scrolls from the right.

    instagram friends option
  5. You will be shown a list of suggested users to add, listed in order of those you interact with the most.

    Tap the green button add next to any user to add them to your close friends list or use the field of Research at the top to type a name or username to quickly locate and add a specific friend.

    Users are not notified when they are added to the close friends list. You can touch Your list above to see your list. There is currently no known limit on the number of users you can add to your close friends list.

  6. Share a story with your close friends. Tap the your profile picture at the top of your home feed (or your profile card) or swipe right from the home feed to open, activate the camera and take a photo or record a video.

  7. Tap the button Close friends at the bottom of the screen to instantly share it only with users you’ve added to your close friends list.

  8. To remove users from your list at any time, simply go to your profile > menu > Close friends > Your list and touch Remove next to any friend to remove them from your list. Users are not notified when this is done.

How users know they are one of your closest friends

While Instagram doesn’t notify users every time you add or remove them from your close friends list, they will be able to tell your shared stories with close friends from your shared stories with everyone by looking at the color of the ring around your close friend image. profile in the stories feed every time you post a new story.

Users on your close friends list will see a green ring around your profile picture bubble as opposed to the pink ring you usually see around profile pictures for regular stories. The green ring is the only way a user can tell that he is a close friend.

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