How to use StreamYard on Facebook live

How to use StreamYard on Facebook live

In this Facebook live tutorial, I’ll explain how to live stream using Streamyard from your mobile device. This is a new feature they just released, so I have a step by step tutorial to show you how to go live from mobile with Streamyard.

How to use SteamYard to live stream from a mobile device

In this Facebook Live tutorial, I will show you step by step how to stream live from a mobile device using StreamYard. Now, earlier this week, at the end of last week, they announced that they would be rolling out the ability to allow live streaming from your mobile device, be it a tablet, be it your mobile phone, be it an iPhone. or an Android, using their real software, StreamYard. I’ll show you how to do it and how to make it all work for you so you can see it. Yes, so let’s get into it.

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Sara Nguyen and I do some live streaming on the live stream. I help coaches, consultants and creative professionals build their business using social media videos with ease. Now, be sure to check the links in the description, where I’ll go back and add all the timestamps, any references, show notes, and resources that I mention in this video. Let’s go right in.

To access StreamYard on your mobile, you need a couple of things. First, you need to have a StreamYard account. You have to set it up. It is probably easier to set up on the desktop, where you need to register an account with your email address. After receiving your email and logging in, you need to go to Safari.

At the time of this registration, it does not work with Chrome. They will redirect you to Safari. You need to open Safari. In your browser, type, then sign in. Once logged in, this is the screen you will see. This is my iPad screen, so I can show you what it looks like and how to actually stream live from StreamYard on your mobile device.

Now that we have logged in to StreamYard on Safari, we want to select, create the broadcast and then I can choose the accounts I connected to. I put a title, try demo. So, in the description, you’d normally put something tempting and actually talk about what live streaming is going to be.

But for the purpose of this demonstration, I’ll type quickly. Then you would select, you will create the broadcast. This will open the studio and take you into the software.

You need to allow StreamYard to access the camera’s microphone. Otherwise no one will be able to hear or see you. In the display name, you can change it. It has my name. I can add or remove what I like there, just by typing.

So, I can change the camera and microphone settings, if I had multiple cameras, but there is only one because I’m using my iPad and if I was plugging in the microphones, it would show the different microphones too. Then I’d click, I’d go into the broadcast studio. I’m not alive yet.

Don’t freak out. This brings you to the studio and we’re not live yet. We’re not live yet. You will be able to see the same things in the app on your device as if you were on the desktop. It is practically identical. I took a look and thought, “Yeah, it’s pretty much identical.”

On the right side, I can see by default, it has comments. All comments coming from the live stream will be displayed there. If I select the banners, this is where you can enter the text and I would use it just like I would on the desktop.

I would just select what I wanted to display and go through any of the banners if I had them set. I select it to view it and click again to delete it. It’s that easy. If I select the brands, then the next tab on the right side. This is where I can change it to my brand colors.

This is a pink that I like right now. If I wanted to change it, I would click on the colored square. This would open the color picker, which will allow me to easily switch between colors.

In terms of other features, you will see in the right corner, it has the Powered By StreamYard logo. This is because I am currently using the free account. On the paid one, you can add your logo.

You would just add it there. As for the overlays, I click on this overlay. In the free version, you only have access to their overlay, which isn’t very useful, but in the paid version, you can add your own images. You can create your own version so that you can have your own signals and elements within the live stream.

You can access it easily, just like you would on the desktop. You should just tap on it and the same with the backgrounds. You can also change the wallpapers.

Now if I go to any other of the settings, it’s identical to everything I see. If I were to invite a guest, at the bottom of the screen, I would go to invite, then copy this link and send it to them so they can join me in the broadcast. And once I’m satisfied, I’m able to actually use some of these sizing features.

Scaling functionality is probably not the correct word, but you are able to change the size of how you and your guest appear on the screen, whether it’s split screen or if it’s a couple of different layouts, just like you would on the desktop.

Now, what would you do to go live? In the top right corner, just like the desktop version of StreamYard, select go live. Then there’s a little bit of… they give you a little bit of warning, you’re alive, and that’s it. Then you are alive. You are now live, you know you are live because there is a live counter at the top left.

On the right side, end of transmission says, end of transmission and it is red. You would present your content, use your overlays, use your banners if you had any, switch, fit like you would on desktop, but now you have the option to do it using your mobile device, if you’re on the go and all that.

Once you’re done distributing your great content, everything, just as you have it on your desktop, so you can see the live countdown. You can see if there are people who are actually watching and then you can interact with the comments that will be there.

Once you are done, you have delivered all your beautiful and amazing content, you can end the broadcast by selecting, end the broadcast, and we will do it now and the broadcast is finished.

This is how you would set up and go live from your mobile device using StreamYard. This gives you that extra flexibility. And this is all. I’m not live anymore, it’s over and that’s how it goes live using StreamYard.

I really liked the way they made it virtually identical to the desktop version, which means you don’t have to learn a different way of doing something. If you’re already using the desktop version, it’s just as easy to use your mobile device. You have access to the same software and it works the same way, which isn’t something you always get with technology.

I found that I really liked him a lot. I love that it is so easy to use and I love that they have eliminated a lot of noise. With live streaming software, OBS, it’s a little loud and there’s so much clutter. Considering I like it with live streaming, they are just the things you need with a lot of flexibility and functionality.

Now, if you found this video useful, give me a thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel. And if you’re looking for other ways to grow your business using Facebook Live, be sure to grab a copy of my Facebook Live cheat sheets.

It’s a super easy guide to wake up and stream on Facebook Live, even if you’ve never hit a high score before. To get your hands on it, simply click on the link in the description below and thanks for watching.

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