How to use the dynamic theme on Android 12

How to use the dynamic theme on Android 12

This week, the Android 12 starts being released by Google. With the update comes the new Dynamic Theme feature, which allows you to use background colors to customize the look of the system and other apps with support for Material You. Below, I explain how to use the dynamic theme on Android 12.

As always, the first smartphones to receive the new version of the operating system are Google Pixel, this will happen this Tuesday 19 October. Hence, companies like Samsung, Motorola, Realme & Co. will start releasing interface updates for their flagships by the end of 2021.

Samsung, for example, is already testing the dynamic theme in One UI 4.0, under the name “Color Theme”. To learn more about adapting Android 12 to the UI of Galaxy phones, visit our first impressions of what the One UI 4.0 looks like, still in beta.

That said, you can check out a tutorial below that shows how easy it is to use the dynamic theme on Android 12 and integrate OS and app colors consistently. The step-by-step guide below was done on a Pixel phone, so it may change depending on your smartphone manufacturer and customization.

How to use the dynamic theme on Android 12

Setting the dynamic theme is very simple and can be done in two ways: via a long tap on the home screen or from the system settings.

Method 1

Photo styles - default
With a long tap on the screen you access the settings Wallpaper
Photographic styles - Cold
On the screen Background and Style you can configure system colors

Method 2

Photo styles - default
From Settings click Background e style
Photographic styles - Cold
From the screen Background and Style you can configure system colors

With that done, simply choose your favorite wallpaper and the system automatically chooses a color palette. If you want to change the colors from the automatic configuration, go back to the screen Background and Style – using method 1 or 2 – and follow the steps below:

  1. Switch to option Background colors .
  2. You will be able to choose between 4 options. By clicking on it, the system will show you a preview of the color change.
  3. You can also choose to use i only Base Colors by clicking on the button of the same name. Here you also have 4 options.
Photo styles - default
1. choose the background you prefer
Photographic styles - Rich contrast
2. Set the new wallpaper (can also be used as a lock screen)
Photographic Styles - Vibrant
3. Go to the option Background colors
Photographic styles - Warm
4. You will have 4 color palette options
Photographic styles - Cold
5. Or you will have 4 basic color options

In the Background and Style settings, you also find the dark theme the icons a theme and settings of the grill of the app.

Suggestion: Since the dynamic theme uses the more vibrant shades of the background in use, obviously the more colorful it is, the more interesting the color scheme can become. So, my advice is to download as many wallpapers as possible and test the colors that suit you best

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