How to use WhatsApp from your computer using Airdroid

How to use WhatsApp from your computer using Airdroid

I don’t know if you are aware of it, but on average a person spends around 195 minutes a week on their WhatsApp, with over 400 messages sent and 500 messages received! Now you can calculate the number of times you should take the phone out of your pocket, look at the incoming message and then reply. All this mixing takes a long time.

But now, if you’re working on your computer with a Wi-Fi network, AirDroid can save you time – time once wasted looking for your Android every time you had to read and reply to a WhatsApp message. Using AirDroid 3 you can mirror your Android screen directly to your computer and access your device with just the mouse and keyboard.

So let’s take a look at how you can use the new improved AirDroid 3 to access WhatsApp and other similar applications directly through your Windows or Mac computer. If you’ve used AirDroid in the past via a web browser, you’ll be surprised to find that there is was a slight change.

NOTE: this article is only about WhatsApp, but since AirDroid3 uses global screen mirroring, the suggestion can be extended to Hike, Twitter, or any other app installed on your Droid.


Unlike previous versions of AirDroid, which only used a web browser to control the device, AirDroid 3 comes with a desktop client mandatory for the application to function. The web-based features still work, but the screen mirroring feature, which is key to this trick, requires a free account with AirDroid. To download the PC client, go to the AirDroid download page and install the application on your computer.

Airdroid PC Mac

If you are using AirDroid 3 for the first time, create an account using the sign up button. Make sure you log into your computer and the Android AirDroid client using the same account. Using a free account, you can connect up to one Android device, with a monthly file transfer limit of 200MB.

On the Android AirDroid client you will need to activate the service Notification Mirror from the menu Accessibility in Settings. This will ensure that you receive all incoming Android notifications on your computer screen.

Screen 2014 12 05 08 52 53 Screen 2014 12 05 08 53 06

When you get a WhatsApp notification alert, you can just click on it to open the screen mirroring service. You will now be able to see your Android screen on your computer using AirDroid. The mouse pointer can be used in place of the touchscreen, and every click you make on the computer screen will be treated as a tap on the device. If you click, hold, move and release with the mouse, this is equivalent to a swipe gesture.


When you see the mirrored WhatsApp screen on your computer, simply type the message using your computer keyboard and hit the send button. AirDroid 3 supports sleep function and when your Android is in sleep mode, the mirrored screen will stop and go blank. After clicking the screen again from your computer, Android will wake up and you can continue with your work.

Whatsapp Mirrored1 Saving mode


Here’s how you can access your Android’s WhatsApp notifications and respond without even leaving your computer. This is a great trick if you work on your computer most of the time, since checking your phone every few minutes is quite a distraction. With AirDroid you can see incoming notifications and only respond to what’s important.

The only thing that could be improved is the quality of the connection and the response time – it has some delay and it can definitely work.

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