How to view private Instagram accounts

How to view private Instagram accounts

Instagram is a great service for sharing photos with family, friends, colleagues, and even complete strangers. In many cases, however, people choose to control who can and who can’t see their content, so you can’t always view another person’s account.

If you are a follower of a private account and have been approved by the account owner, you should have no problem viewing its content as if their account is public.

Attention to exercise

If you’re not an approved follower of a private account, things are a lot more complicated when it comes to viewing their profile and photos.

There are many apps on the market that promise to “hack” Instagram and allow you to view private accounts. However, none of them actually work as intended and the ones that may not last long. Instagram’s security team is continuously fixing such vulnerabilities. Many of these fraudulent services also have websites full of malware and unwanted ads, giving you one more reason not to use them.

If you’re not averse to practicing the art of deception, however, another potential backdoor into someone’s private profile is to create a fake account and send them a follower request.

If you’ve set up your bogus account to look like someone they would probably approve of as a follower, you might have a good chance of tricking them into giving you access. If you’re willing to go that far, you should take steps to make sure your account looks like the real deal. This can be achieved by doing the following:

  • Use quality photos.
  • Get some of your followers before submitting your request.
  • Interact with other Instagram accounts.
Of course, if you know a colleague, friend or family member who is already an approved follower of the private profile in question, you could always ask them if you can take a look through their account.

Using apps to view private Instagram accounts

Several apps and services claim to provide access to private IG profiles, such as Private Insta Viewer. Not only do most of these options fail to deliver what they promise, but many include adware, viruses, and other unwanted programs built into them.

If you’ve gotten to the point where you’re seriously considering this route, it might be time to throw in the towel and come to the conclusion that you won’t see those private posts.

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