How to view your Facebook profile as a public

How to view your Facebook profile as a public

Facebook allows you to share some information publicly, with friends, with specific friends, or just with yourself. If you want to view your Facebook profile as a public so that you can see what others are seeing (people who are not your friends), you can do this quite easily using Facebook’s public view feature.

How to view your Facebook profile as a public user

It only takes a few simple clicks to have your public profile in front of you.

You can do this on both and the official Facebook app for iPhone / Android.

Instructions are provided for both, however screenshots are provided for only.

  1. Log into in a web browser or open the Facebook app on your device and select the your profile in the post composer to go to your profile.

  2. On, select i three points bottom left in the cover photo.

    In the app, select i three points to the right of the blue button Add story.

  3. Select View as .

  4. Your profile will be shown to you as if you were viewing it as a public user. Here’s how non-friends view your profile.

    If you notice that something appears publicly that you want to hide from the public, you can adjust the privacy settings for that information.

Why you should view your Facebook profile as a public user

You should use Facebook’s public view feature if you want to be able to confirm exactly what information you are keeping private versus public. Remember, anyone who encounters your profile while searching or somehow finds the direct link to your profile can see the information you’ve made public.

Viewing your Facebook profile as a public is even more important if you’ve been on the platform for many years. In the past, you may have been more casual with what you shared, which means it would have been very easy to overlook your current privacy settings before sharing or posting something.

By viewing your profile as a public user, you can see exactly what a non-friend sees on your profile and thus decide if you need to adjust your privacy or perhaps delete something altogether.

Viewing your Facebook profile as a friend

Facebook previously allowed users to view their profiles as friends. After selecting View as, you can select View as specific person and type a friend’s name to see what their profile looked like from that friend’s point of view.

Unfortunately, this feature was removed due to a security breach related to it in 2018. It is unknown if it will eventually be restored.

If you want to view your Facebook profile as a specific friend, a little more work is required. Here are your options:

  • Ask a specific friend to view your profile the next time you are physically with them. This is perhaps the simplest option.
  • Ask a specific friend to send you a screenshot of your profile. If you can’t meet in person, ask a friend to take a screenshot of your profile and send it to you.
  • Create a new Facebook profile. You can create a brand new Facebook account, send a friend request to your original account, and then use the secondary account to view your profile once you have added it.

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