iCloud: how to set up custom email domains

iCloud: how to set up custom email domains

With the introduction of iCloud + (plus), Apple is also offering subscribers the ability to set up a custom email domain. If you have purchased or plan to buy your domain, you can manage email addresses using that domain via iCloud Mail.

Why use a custom domain?

Maybe you have your own domain to showcase your work on the web, like a portfolio. Or maybe you’ve set up a domain name for your family to share news and events. By adding these types of custom domains to iCloud, you can use Apple’s Mail app to manage your emails on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac. You don’t have to worry about a separate server or email service and, for a family , everyone can have their own email address with the family domain name.

Note: As of this writing, the custom email domain functionality is still in its beta version. You can visit beta.icloud.com to set it up. Note that with any beta, it may not be stable yet. After its public launch likely in the fall of 2021, you can visit icloud.com to create your own custom email domain.

Set up your custom iCloud email domain

Log into your iCloud account using your Apple ID and password and click “Account Settings”.

Open your iCloud account settings

Scroll down to the Custom Email Aliases section and click “Use Custom Email Aliases”.

Click Use Custom Email Aliases

Note: the button may say “Manage” instead of “Use custom email aliases”.

You will be asked if you want to set it up for yourself or for you and your family. If you use Family Sharing, this allows each family member to use three email addresses for the domain. Choose “Only you” or “You and your family”.

Select just you or you and your family

Enter the domain you wish to use and click “Continue”.

Enter your domain

On the next screen, confirm the domain name above for step 1.

Confirm your domain

Then, add any existing email addresses you use on that domain in step 2. If you are not currently using email addresses on the domain, you can click “Skip”. You can create a new email address after completing the domain setup.

Warning: do not add the email addresses used by your family members on that domain as this will attach the addresses to you.

Add your current email addresses on the domain

If you add an email address, click “Confirm” that you have added all the necessary addresses. You will then be asked to verify this via an email before you can continue. Then open your email app and check the Apple message.

Confirm that you have added the addresses

You will receive an email at each address you have added. Just click “Verify” to confirm that the email address belongs to you.

Verify your email address

Then, go back to the iCloud screen and click “OK” after verifying the email address.

Confirmed email address

The next step is to copy and update your domain records. Click “View” for step 3 and you will see a window appear with the necessary settings. You can select and copy the text for each of the records. Then, simply paste them in the correct location for your registrar, such as GoDaddy, or edit your zone file if you manage your own DNS. Click “Done” when done.

Copy the domain records

Finally, click “Finish setup” for step 4 and then “Confirm” that you have successfully updated your domain records.

After a moment, you should see a confirmation that your domain is ready to be used with iCloud Mail. Click “Continue”.

You will then be asked which email address you want to use as the default. Choose the address and click “Continue”.

Select your default email address

When you see the next confirmation, click “Done” and you’re done.

Confirmed default email address

Create a new email address

Once your domain has been set up with iCloud Mail, you can create a new email address if you wish. Go back to the Custom Email Aliases section in iCloud and click “Use Custom Email Aliases” (or “Manage”).

Select the domain you have set up.

Select the domain you have set up

Click the plus sign to the right of your name. Enter the new email address and click “Add Email Address”.

Create a new email address

If you set up the custom domain to use for your family, each family member will receive an email at the address associated with their Apple Family Sharing ID. They can click the iCloud Settings link in the email and follow the prompts to set up their email address.

Family member's email for the new email domain

When done, you can run a test and send a message to your custom email domain. Then, enjoy easy inbox management via iCloud Mail on any browser or Apple device.

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