iOS 15.1 for iPhone: everything to know about Apple's first major update

iOS 15.1 for iPhone: everything to know about Apple’s first major update

Apple has just publicly released iOS 15 for iPhone the last month, along with four new phones, iPhone 13 and 13 Mini And iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max. And a new OS update may already be around the corner.

The dedicated operating system for all iPhone devices, iOS 15 brought a variety of new and improved features when it was launched. We’ve had a couple of small patches so far, including one security fix but no major updates yet.

That said, iOS 15.1 – which would be Apple’s first major update to the new operating system – has been in beta, so we have an idea of ​​what’s to come. Here’s what to expect based on our experiences with iOS 15.1 beta .

Apple hasn’t announced an official release date for 15.1. However, the first beta 15.1 was released a month ago on September 21, and the last beta was the release candidate, the final version of the beta before the public release. We could get iOS 15.1 as early as next week.

What’s in iOS 15.1 for iPhone?

We expect iOS 15.1 to finally add support for SharePlay as well as video recording ProRes for iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max . Version 15.1 beta also includes the ability to upload your vaccination card to Apple Wallet . (That’s how now store the COVID vaccine records on your phone .) The usual bug fixes should also be present.

What is the FaceTime SharePlay feature?

Apple has created a lot clamor around his SharePlay function – An upgrade to FaceTime that lets you share your screen while on a call, allowing your friends and family to stream your saved television and music at the same time. However, the feature didn’t launch with iOS 15 last month, leaving many iPhone owners wondering when they could use SharePlay. Fortunately, SharePlay was part of the 15.1 beta, so expect it to arrive with the 15.1 update.

What will ProRes support do?

The major attractions iPhone 13 Pro And iPhone 13 Pro Max are their star cameras. There ProRes video function helps you get the most out of them by minimizing the amount of compression of your videos, helping to protect the image quality in your videos. It’s great if you like to make creative edits before sharing your acquisitions. ProRes was included in the third beta for iOS 15.1, which means it will likely launch with the live update.

How can I download the beta version of iOS 15.1?

To test beta versions of Apple software, you must first sign up for Apple’s Beta software program. Please note that the beta versions of the software have bugs and are not optimized, so we recommend that you download the beta versions only on additional devices, not your main phone, tablet or laptop. Once you join the program, you will need to download the configuration profile from Apple. Then you should be able to find the latest beta by going to Settings> General> Update software and selecting Download and install

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