IPhone 12 Colors: Five new shades to choose from

IPhone 12 Colors: Five new shades to choose from

Finally we know the new Cupertino smartphones. Apple showed today at its event what its four new terminals look like, a number that has increased since last year with the arrival of the mini version. But another of the new features are the different colors that iPhone 12, Mini, Pro and Pro Max will have. Let’s take a look at them because depending on the version there are differences.

Five colors for iPhone 12 and Mini

Apple is one of the companies that has stuck to a four-color palette almost since its inception. It was last year when we saw the colors of the iPhone 11 and its variants that the company had multiple plans for each user to choose their own. This time he did it again and to give a look at the colors of the iPhone 12 we will divide them into two groups.

In the first group we find the iPhone 12 and its Mini version. For these two the company has decided to place the same colors. In particular will be five on this occasion that will arrive at both terminals, namely:

  • Green

  • Blue

  • Black

  • White

  • Red

The four colors of the iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max

It is customary to see that smartphone brands launch different variants of a terminal. In fact, there are even two superiors who in the case of the bitten apple it will be iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max. Both are positioned as two large devices and therefore with a larger battery capacity and a more generous screen. They also include an additional sensor on the back, but we have already talked about all these details previously.

new iphone pro max colors 2020

Now is the time to know the different colors that Apple has put on the iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max. For the top line, the bitten apple is kept the most ‘luxurious’ and lustrous it can offer its users and in its case they are inferior to those mentioned above. In total there are four available, which are divided into:

  • Pacific Blue

  • Graphite

  • Silver

  • Gold

As you can see, unlike the smaller and more standard version, the red color does not appear. It is usually a line that the firm uses to allocate part of the proceeds to a lawsuit.

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