iPhone 12 Vs iPhone 11: the differences between the two models

iPhone 12 Vs iPhone 11: the differences between the two models

Today is the day marked by Apple fans with the presentation of the new terminal of the company. Those of Cupertino have asked for alms, but finally we know all the details of the iPhone 12 and all its variables.

But what are the differences between iPhone iPhone 12 vs 11? We tell you all of them in both the standard and superior ranges to appreciate all the changes.

iPhone 11 vs iPhone 12

Well, let’s go from the first comparison: iPhone 11 vs iPhone 12. This will be the one that is affected by the future differences of the superior models, not only in the new colors but above all in the internal composition. But before we get into the frame we need to take a look at the outside. The first difference we find is its structure, where the bitten apple leaves the edges rounded and rests on smooth structures. The screen has the same extension in both cases: 6.1 inches with the now classic notch at the top.

If we go to the back, those of Cupertino have not changed the square module where the two cameras that mount the terminals are housed. Of course, the company promises that the protective glass withstands impacts four times greater than its predecessor. The changes from iPhone 12 to iPhone 11 are internal thanks to the presence of a new A14 chip at home, or the first 5nm chip and with 5G at home. This is the most notable feature: the latest in connectivity in the smallest space and with the 50% more power than the A13.

iPhone 11 Pro versus iPhone 12 Pro

Now that we’ve seen the differences between iPhone 11 and iPhone 12, let’s move on to their Pro versions . Basically, Apple repeats the same formula as the last generation: it provides a vitaminized terminal with the same extension of the screen but with more power. Again, the external difference is the edges as a module with its triple sensor appears on the back again. However, the iPhone 11 Pro was smaller than its predecessor and in this version they have been equated. In other words, the iPhone 12 Pro is 0.3 inches larger than its predecessor.

It should be noted that the rear glass is one of the strongest in the company to date, much harder than that seen in the past generation . Inside it will have a minimum memory of 128GB and a chip that improves on the iPhone 12 Pro compared to the 11 Pro with the arrival of the A14 chip, which integrates advanced processing functions to take photos and videos in RAW format. of great weight but without skimping on details.

iPhone 11 Pro Max vs. iPhone 12 Pro Max

We have reached on everyone’s flagship model in this one comparison between iPhone 11 Pro Max and iPhone 12 Pro Max . The two terminals are the top of the brand and this is noticeable both inside and out. On the outside, they both exceed six inches, but the iPhone 11 Pro Max has 6.5 inches and this year’s version is 0.2 inches larger.

iphone 12 processor difference with 11

As a curiosity that also concerns the previous models, the new iPhones 12 have a high-quality magnet system on the back. These will not only take care of the induction charging of the terminal, but will also be useful for attaching the new MagSafe accessories, which adhere to the device even with a cover.

iPhone 12 Mini, Apple’s new choice

We cannot leave this comparison between iPhone 12, Mini, Pro and Pro Max and iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max. And is that this terminal remains “off the hook”. Come on, it doesn’t have a device to compare it with as the iPhone 12 saga is the first to incorporate a small version. Can it be compared to the iPhone SE 2020? if so, we are faced with a larger terminal in the iPhone 12 Mini (5.4 compared to 4.7). The design is the same as the previous ones, but the new device has an extra lens on the back. All this not to mention the processor, where the iPhone 12 Mini wins by having the latest 5G connectivity and more power.

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