Is your iPhone not charging well? Check the cause is this glitch

Is your iPhone not charging well? Check the cause is this glitch

There is no doubt that Apple offers one of the most attractive high-end options in the field of mobile telephony. The iPhone 11 is one of the portents of this moment, but unfortunately this and all models compatible with iOS 13 are affected by the same problem that we will tell you about below. And it is possible that you have already seen this on your terminal since a glitch of iOS 13 can cause your iPhone not to charge as it should.

An iOS 13 error prevents your mobile from charging correctly

The operating system iOS 13 it is the latest operating system born with the launch of the iPhone 11. All the phones of the brand from the iPhone 7 onwards have been able to update to this version and it is these that suffer from this error that we have commented on before. It turns out that some users have seen that their mobile is not charging properly. Hence, the its charging cycle is not working as it should .

Your cell phone may be left charging overnight after a long day at work, but when you wake it up it’s not 100% as expected. TO ZDnet they found the crux of the matter e it all depends on the charging system of the terminal provided with the current operating system. It works in such a way that it takes into account the hours that the phone can be fully charged and is inactive, so it uses all that time to maintain a level of autonomy and before finishing it does a load to reach the top.

iphone charging problem

What’s up? It happens that the system is able to recognize your patterns and when you get it wrong you may end up with less battery than expected. An example is if there is a day of the week when you get up at a different time than usual, then the phone will not have all the recharges done well because it has not reached the second stage of recharging or because it has already done so and is in consumption phase at rest. Also, in the first case you should know that you will find a notification through which you can know when the end of the optimized load is planned.

Is there any solution?

The best solutions to avoid this are the path Settings> Battery> Battery status> Optimized battery charge recommended by Apple and adjust the parameters and the activation of this function. Either that or maintain regular lifestyle habits so that your phone charges as efficiently as possible!

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