Klombo is your new dinosaur friend in "Fortnite"

Klombo is your new dinosaur friend in “Fortnite”

Chapter 3 of Fortnite brought back so many fan favorite features to the game: stepping stones, Leaning Towers, and now dinosaurs.

Klombo is a new dinosaur in the game and this creature can quickly become an enemy. How healthy is Klombo and can you tame her?

How to find Klombo in “Fortnite”.

Dinosaurs are not new to Fortnite: During season 6, the game introduced birds of prey hatched from eggs that had been placed on the map. These raptors could be tamed by any player who is dedicated enough to try (with the right bait and patience, of course).

Although it has been some time since the birds of prey hatched and roamed freely around the map of Fortnite it appears that the developers are bringing back the dinosaurs with the introduction of Klombos.

Klombo in "Fortnite"

Klombos are huge dinosaurs that spawn at various points on the map. They are large and clumsy, and while they may seem intimidating, they don’t actually pose a threat to the player. That is, unless you decide to fight one (but why should you? Klombos are so cute and harmless).

Klombos tend to spawn in wide open spaces on the map, which makes sense considering how large they are. They are not difficult to spot on the map, due to their size and the fact that they are not particularly quiet when navigating the map.

Klombo’s favorite food is, of course, a Klomberry, which is another new addition to Fortnite with patch 19.10. You will need these to interact with a Klombo, but you can also eat them to restore your health.

Can you tame a Klombo? Dinosaurs are useful.

Unlike the other animals in the game, you can’t really tame klombos, even though they are useful in many ways.

If you feed a klombo enough klombo berries, they’ll spit things out of their blowhole – items like medicine kits or ammo that you’ll need.

You can also climb onto the Klombo’s back and shoot yourself in the air using its blowhole. The dinosaur will throw you high enough that you can use your glider, although even if you don’t, you won’t take any fall damage when you hit the ground.

How healthy is a klombo?

If you happen to accidentally disturb a Klombo at the point where it decides to attack you (or you are one of the people who would intentionally attack the harmless creature), you may find yourself in combat with it. If that happens, you can attack and kill these dinosaurs, but it will take some time. Each Klombo has 2000 health, which means it will take more than a couple of hits to kill one.

You’ll know when a Klombo is about to attack you when it turns red and starts having some kind of tantrum.

If that happens and you don’t particularly like killing Klombo, you can also force it to calm down by feeding it more Klomberries. While this dinosaur is featured in the game, it might be useful to have a few on hand, just in case.

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