Lovoo doesn't work - what to do?

Lovoo doesn’t work – what to do?

Lovoo no longer works, it could be due to both your smartphone and Lovoo itself.

We will show you how to fix the problem.

Lovoo-down – the App no ​​longer works

  • Currently there are problems with Lovoo’s servers, the service does not work intermittently. Only one thing helps here, unfortunately, is Wait.
  • On the website “AlleStörungen.de” you will find all current error messages from Lovoo. The messages in the hundreds, going up, you can expect a far-reaching Problem.

Lovoo not working can help

  • Restart: Turn off your smartphone completely and then turn it back on. A small bug in the cache will fix it.
  • Installation: delete the app and download the latest version of Lovoo for iOS or download Lovoo for Android. Your data will not be lost.
  • Login: does not work for Login, please try another service to login. You may not have registered as I thought on Twitter, Facebook or by email.
  • Support: everything you need for nothing, you can, with the support of Lovoo in.

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