Make your Spotify playlist invisible with this trick

Make your Spotify playlist invisible with this trick

Social networks must make you share things with the world. However, there are users who want their publications to go unnoticed by the public as much as possible and don’t want anyone to see their activity or their playlists. If you are part of that group where you want them to your Spotify lists are secret, we will tell you how you can do it.

Yes, you can hide your Spotify playlists

It has been more than 20 years since everyone has shared music through a tape. If you had a song that someone liked, you just had to drop the tape and record it, but with the Internet this process is much easier. So much so that if you have a music app anyone can check out those songs you have in your personal lists.

This is something that can be made from Spotify, but luckily we teach you how to make your playlists invisible to other users.

How to change privacy on Spotify

It is true that the application does not give you the option to make your playlists private, although there is a way to hide them. For this you have to touch some parameters in the privacy section of the application and we will tell you which ones you need to adjust so that yours Spotify playlists are invisible.

The first thing to do is to make all new playlists private is to use Spotify’s private mode. This is a feature where the application does not log your latest views until you exit this mode. This way, you’ll make sure your latest moves are hidden from other users, both from the replays you make and from the lists you generate.

But let’s go to the other interesting feature which is the secret playlist. This feature is not hidden, so you can easily enter it.

  • Go to the playlist you want to hide from the public
  • Click on the three dots and enter the options
  • Navigate the menu and select Make Secret

So no one but you or your collaborators will be able to access the list to see the selected songs. This trick is valid for both the mobile app version and the browser version and the computer version.

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