Minecraft: The 5 best texture packs for more realism

Minecraft: The 5 best texture packs for more realism

Texture packs are a great way to spice up Minecraft. The game can get a little stale after a while, since everything looks and is generally the same. Texture packs can provide a huge or subtle change to the look of the game, which can make a big difference.

Texture packs are available for all platforms, unlike mods. Mods are limited to Java Edition, but there are tons of texture packs available for all platforms, including Pocket Edition.

Often times, players want to try and add some realism to the game. These texture packs can do just that.

Texture packs that make Minecraft Pocket Edition a little more real

5) Fuse Realism

FuseRealism is a great texture pack for adding realism, as the name suggests. The blocks that benefit the most from the texture pack are grass, logs, planks, leaves, and more. A recent update to the texture pack added textures for the Nether, making it even scarier.

FuseRealism v1.1.4 for Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.12 / 1.13 / 1.14
for-minecraft.com/texture-for-mi ……
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09:32 8 November 2019

4) Defscape

Defscape is another good choice for adding realism. It has new textures for the vast majority of blocks, making the game real and totally different from Minecraft. A good texture pack feels like a different game, which is what Defscape does to Pocket Edition.

Fraze Moon

An example of my modern house. 🏠 Package

#Minecraft texture: Defscape

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11:21 13 Jun 2017

3) LunaHD

LunaHD is one of the most realistic texture packs available for any version of Minecraft. It adds high definition to textures to create an incredibly real looking product. It’s old enough, but definitely a classic.

2) ModernHD

ModernHD is a texture pack that is great on all platforms and has a lot of Java users too. It has been announced as one of the most realistic texture packs Minecraft has to offer. For players who want to build like the real world, this is one of the best the game has available. Fortunately, Pocket Edition users can also benefit from it.

ModernHD texture packs make the game look very realistic (Image via Minecraft)
ModernHD texture packs make the game look very realistic (Image via Minecraft)

1) fantasy

Probably the best and most popular texture pack for Minecraft Pocket Edition has to be Fancy. It improves the graphics, adds new textures, and goes a long way towards making the game real, which is what players often look for with texture packs. It is one of the oldest for Pocket Edition, but also one of the best.

you know what?
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