Now you can open WhatsApp Web with the mobile phone off, here's how it is activated on PC

Now you can open WhatsApp Web with the mobile phone off, here’s how it is activated on PC

Now we do it from mobile, using digital QWERTY keyboards, but this online chat is something that started on desktop computers with the first social networks like the legendary MSN Messenger from Microsoft released in 1999. WhatsApp is arguably the most popular conversation app. used in the world.

But did you know that there is a way to use it on PCs and laptops? Yes, chat with WhatsApp from your PC without having to open your mobile, which is possible with WhatsApp Web. WhatsApp Web is an account extension on your mobile. In this way the messages you send and receive on your PC and on your smartphone are synchronized and you can view them on both devices.

It is not exactly about installing a program like Telegram does, but rather opening the WhatsApp interface in a PC web browser, but allowing access to the same account on two different devices, and being able to send and receive messages and (almost) everything that WhatsApp allows.

Now you can open WhatsApp Web with the mobile phone off, here's how it is activated on PC

The new WhatsApp Multi-device featurealready available in the Beta version, allows you to connect up to four devices to the same WhatsApp account without the need for an active Internet connection on the main device, or it is not necessary to have a mobile phone turned on to use your WhatsApp on another device -but yes when connecting devices, as this way chats and account data can be transferred to other devices . Conversations are still end-to-end encrypted.

WhatsApp Web with the mobile phone turned off

All messages will continue to have end-to-end encryption which is a breakthrough since you can use your account on 4 devices simultaneously registered with the same phone number and able to receive messages each on their own.

And it seems that this function has already been activated – at least in WhatsApp for iOS -, since if you have the WhatsApp app updated to v. on your iPhone and use WhatsApp Web version 2.2142.12 and v. 2.2140.12 of WhatsApp Desktop you can now use it by logging in.

In fact, you won’t have to do anything special if you were already using WhatsApp Web, just open it and you can see that even if you turn off Wi-Fi / data on your mobile, the WhatsApp Web version will still work.

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