Paramount Plus: there is a date for Italy

Paramount Plus: there is a date for Italy

Paramount Plus has announced a new list of original content as it prepares for release in mainland Europe.
The streaming service has been active since March 2021 in the United States and has so far been rolled out in Latin America, Canada, Australia and Nordic countries such as Norway, Sweden and Finland.

Now, however, we know that Paramount Plus will launch in the UK alongside South Korea, France, Germany, Austria and Italy this summer and will bring with it a number of new originals.

In terms of the streamer’s existing library, it’s still unclear what content will be made available on the European version of the service, as many of Paramount Plus’ best shows (such as The Good Fight or Star Trek: Picard) currently have deals in place with other UK providers such as Channel 4 and Prime Video.

An exciting series of new offerings, however, is a certainty, with Kenneth Branagh among the talent trapped for the streamer’s first assault on continental Europe.

What will happen to Paramount Plus in the coming months?

Put simply: a lot. As Deadline reports, Paramount will give the green light to 50 new international screenwritten originals in 2022 and a first band has already been announced.

For example, Hans Rosenfeldt, creator of The Bridge and Marcella, was forced to create a new drama. He will adapt The Burning Girls, a novel by CJ Tudor about a village haunted by a dark past.

Kenneth Branagh will direct a star-studded adaptation of A Gentleman in Moscow , based on the novel of the same name by Amor Towles. A costume drama set in 1922 at the height of communism, Branagh will play Count Alexander Rostov who, after being named an unrepentant aristocrat by a Bolshevik court, is put on trial.

Additionally, a TV remake of Sexy Beast is also on the way , Jonathan Glazer’s classic British drama starring Ray Winstone and Ben Kingsley as veteran war criminals.

The Paramount shoot will also come with a series of in-depth documentaries, including a lavish look at the fashion houses Gucci, Versace and Burberry.

Analysis: can Paramount become an actor in Europe?

There is no reason not to, but there is a lot of competition. Between Netflix, Disney Plus, Prime Video, Britbox and a host of others, European consumers are spoiled for choice in 2022.

Paramount, however, is stealing a gear on Hulu and HBO Max, who prefer to keep the dust dry by keeping their existing deals with other broadcasters in mainland Europe. This move could help early adopters, and if they keep the US $ 4.99 offer with the ads option, it’s the kind of money that will get people to try the service.

Of course, like Netflix with its range of originals, Paramount Plus will have to keep the news coming. But it seems that task is very close at hand.

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