Play spend Bill Gates' fortune in this online shopping game

Play spend Bill Gates’ fortune in this online shopping game

What would you do if you woke up as a billionaire? Do you want to give a shot to solving world hunger? Maybe travel the world? Doing something boring like investing? Or maybe just buy an island?

It’s hard to imagine what you can buy with all that money. But imagine if you had $ 115.6 billion like Bill Gates. You too would probably think that a box of frozen pizza rolls costs $ 22 and not $ 8.

So, let’s spend Bill Gates’ money. Introducing the web app that lets you calculate all the different types of items you can buy and sell using Microsoft co-founder money.

The game lists a number of items along with their prices that Bill (you) can purchase. You have the option to purchase a bottle of luxury wine ($ 7,000), a book ($ 15), a Tesla ($ 75,000), and an entire cruise ship ($ 930,000,000).

Remember: this is just your average shopping spree, if you were Bill Gates of course.

Bill Gates

First, I’ll start with just the necessities to get your life off the ground: from a yearly subscription to Netflix, a car, some clothes, a phone, land to build my mansion and a… horse.

All of this came at the bargain price of $ 35,402.

Bill Gates

And I still have $ 99,999,964,598 in change.

The most expensive thing I can buy on this game is the NBA basketball team for $ 2,120,000,000. Basically, to go bankrupt, I could buy that NBA basketball team … multiple times (I can’t even count).

This isn’t even taking into consideration the returns on investment that I could recover over time.

It’s worth noting that Bill Gates isn’t even the richest person on the planet, Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos currently has a net worth of $ 199.2 billion.

There’s also misogynist raccoon tyrant Tom Nook, Animal Crossing’s slum lord who turned out 40 times richer than Bezos earlier this year.

And I must not forget the insanely rich of the past, and those found on the “unofficial rich lists” of the world who made money in the black markets, or simply inherited stupid sums of money from the “Old World” financial empires.

(For what it’s worth, history nerds say 14th-century Malian king Mansa Musa is the richest of the time, with an “insurmountable” net worth that is said to have included nearly half of Old World gold. Suck those ancient apples, Gates and Bezos.)

Basically, billionaires shouldn’t exist.

If you want to see how much Bill Gates can buy (and send you into a spiral of sadness), you can play Spend Bill Gates’ Money. here.

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