Pokemon Go New Year's Event: Pokemon in costume, bonuses, and more

Pokemon Go New Year’s Event: Pokemon in costume, bonuses, and more

Pokemon Go closes 2021 with a New Year’s event. The festivities begin on December 31st and include costume Pokemon, new avatar items, and various other in-game bonuses. Here’s what you need to know about the event.

Pokemon in costume

During the New Year’s event, special festive Pokemon will appear in the wild that hatch from eggs, including party hat versions of Gengar, Wobbuffet, and Pikachu. You will also have the chance to meet Slowpoke and his evolutions wearing New Year’s glasses. Below you can see a list of the featured event Pokemon:

  • Pikachu New Years Hat
  • Gengar party hat
  • 2020 Slowpoke glasses
  • 2021 Slowbro eyewear
  • Hoothoot New Years Hat
  • 2022 Slowking glasses
  • Wobbuffet party hat


In addition to the costumed Pokemon, some in-game bonuses will be active during the New Year’s event. Pokemon eggs that are placed in incubators will hatch at half the distance normally required and you will earn double the normal amount of stardust and monster hatching candy. Additionally, there will be in-game fireworks to see from December 31st to January 2nd.

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