Screencastify, capture video to PC via Chrome

Screencastify, capture video to PC via Chrome

The process of capturing something on a PC or laptop requires in many cases either the camera of the mobile phone, with very questionable results, or expensive programs to acquire, process and modify the material. But from today you will find that it is possible to simply use free and simple programs that capture everything that happens on the PC screen. Today we will propose something very useful, since all you need is a computer, the Chrome browser and theScreencastify extension.

Capture video from PC with Chrome

After downloading and installing it on the PC, the next time we open Chrome we will see a new one corresponding to Screencastify among the icons. Open it and you’ll have the record button ready to start recording everything that happens on your PC screen.

Indeed one of its advantages is that with just one click we can choose which element of the screen we want to record. We can capture what is happening in the Google Crome tab that we have opened, record what the PC webcam is recording or directly capture the entire desktop of the computer that we are already playing, typing or browsing the web.


Choose audio, whether with microphone or speaker, and also with the option of implement the webcam as in the walkthrough of the games that can be seen on YouTube, the program comes with a series of editing tools for post-production of the video which allow things like write notes that will appear in the video or directly include links to click the mouse. Then export the final result to platforms like YouTube with i MP4 file, or get a GIF to send them by e-mail or upload it to social networks.

The free version

Screencastify is available in one free Lite version which allows you to record 10 minute video with watermarks and a limit of 50 videos captured per month. While if we opt for the Premium version we will have no capture limits or watermarks, we will have the option of GIF, export to MP4 format and other editing tools. You can download it from here or log into them website here if you are interested in becoming Premium.

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