Shiba Inu's team warns of a scam targeting potential investors

Shiba Inu’s team warns of a scam targeting potential investors

The people behind the shiba inu altcoin, which reached a valuation of $ 24 billion this year, issued a fraud warning on Sunday, warning investors that its community has been targeted by online scammers.

“Stay Alert & Safe #ShibArmy ! ”, Said the so-called Shib team in a video posted on Twitter claiming to have been made aware of a recent scam that went through various social and communication platforms.

“A fake Shiba Inu Telegram group is being shared on social media. Scammers impersonate official accounts and create fake users ”and respond to generic posts using hashtags associated with shiba inu, including #SHIB #LEASH and #SHIBASWAP, the team said.

The group also warned investors not to share wallet keys or give anyone email addresses or passwords. “There is: Breaking News! Big event! There is: Shiba Airdrop! ”He said in the video.

Shiba inu’s price fell 0.2% on Monday, to $ 0.00004493, and was hovering around a valuation of $ 24 billion.

The warning comes when the ethereum-based spin-off dogecoin has soared in popularity and market valuation. In the October rally, it hit a market capitalization of nearly $ 36 billion from $ 3.59 billion at the end of September and became the 11th most valuable cryptocurrency.

It is listed on Coinbase, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the United States, as well as on and eToro. This month it was added to the cryptocurrency exchange Public and to Gemini, the cryptocurrency exchange run by the Winklevoss twins.

But other exchanges have said they will continue to monitor the shiba inu ahead of listing. Robinhood, for example, said it will focus on investing protection before listing the token.

Shiba inu was launched in August 2020 by someone named Ryoshi, who outlined the goal of moving away from “rigid social structures and traditional mindsets” in a 28-page white paper, dubbed “woof paper”.

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