Shock on the web for the new Amazon warehouse surrounded by shacks - LOOK

Shock on the web for the new Amazon warehouse surrounded by shacks – LOOK

A vast new Amazon fulfillment center in Tijuana, Mexico is surrounded by rundown housing.

Photographer Omar Martinez captured images of the warehouse, which show a stark contrast between Amazon’s crisp white structure and the crumbling shacks around it. They were widely shared and discussed on Reddit And Twitter .

The warehouse is located approximately 3 miles south of the US-Mexico border.

Marisa Vano, a spokesperson for Amazon, told Insider that “the imminent opening of our distribution center in Tijuana” would create “more than 250 jobs in the area.”

amazon tijuana warehouse

Omar Martinez

Pay at Amazon’s U.S. warehouses starts at $ 15 per hour, and the company regularly advertises what it says is competitive health insurance and retirement benefits at its centers, including the Bessemer, Alabama warehouse where employees voted. not to unionize earlier this year.

But for some areas with new warehouses – such as Davenport, Iowa – economists said Amazon’s competitive salaries could force local retailers to match paid retailers, which could lower occupancy rates since it limits the number of people. that they can use, the Quad-City Times he reported. Economists added that jobs must be well paid for communities to see long-term economic growth.

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It’s a relationship of the Economic Policy Institute in 2018 found that while there has been a 30% increase in storage and warehouse jobs where a new Amazon warehouse has been built, there has not always been an overall increase in employment. in the areas. The report states that “some sort of shift in employment is taking place or that the growth in warehouse jobs is too limited to spill over into large-scale employment gains for the entire local economy.”

amazon warehouse tijuana mexico

Omar Martinez

Likewise, the Economist reported in 2018 that Amazon often paid its fulfillment center workers less than other employers.

Amazon entered the Mexican market in 2015, a move that would help the company compete with its fellow e-commerce giant Walmart. Amazon now has five fulfillment centers in the country, and Vano told Insider that the company has created 15,000 jobs across Mexico since then.

Has announcestor last year it was spending $ 100 million on new warehouses in Mexico to improve delivery speed. Two logistics centers will open in Monterrey and Guadalajara, which are two of the largest metropolitan areas in the country, and the company will have at least 27 delivery stations spread across Mexico.

According to Mexico News Daily, il Governor of the state of Mexico Alfredo Del Mazo Maza said that Amazon’s expansion would help counter the economic fallout caused by the pandemic in the country.

“Amazon has become one of the main allies and a strategic partner in economic recovery and in achieving the goals that have been set by the current administration to improve the level of well-being of Mexican families,” said the governor.

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