Sky Notice 25: How to solve reception problems

Sky Notice 25: How to solve reception problems

The SKY error code appears whenever the device detects any problem; however, if a SKY error it does not necessarily mean that you will need the assistance of a professional as SKY decoders allow you to take advantage of some diagnostic functionswhich in most cases will be useful for resolving SKY malfunctions

What Do SKY Error Codes Mean?

Each of these warnings and errors have their own specific meaning, let’s see together the most common:

*the letter “to“, Associated with a SKY error code, indicates that the problem concerns theLNB1 input – the letter “b“Instead, it suggests that the problem concerns theLNB2 input.

Notice 01 – SmartCard not inserted
Notice 02 – SmartCard not inserted correctly or decoder blocked
Notice 04 – SmartCard or SKY package not active
Notice 07 – Failure to enable viewing of channels
Notice 08 – SmartCard demagnetized or broken
Notice 25 – System malfunction (due to bad weather)
Notice 29 – Sky Digital Key broken or inserted incorrectly
Error 10 (10a – 10b) – LNB malfunction
Error 20 – Malfunction of the data line connection
Error 30 (30a -30b) – Malfunction of the decoder
Error 31 (31a – 31b – 31ab) – Channel reception problem (vertical high)
Error 32 (32a – 32b – 32ab) – Channel reception problem (low vertical)
Error 33 (33a – 33b – 33ab) – Channel reception problem (horizontal high)
Error 34 (34a – 34b – 34ab) – Channel reception problem (horizontal low)
Error 35 (35ab) – No signal from the dish
Error 50 – SmartCard malfunction
Error 70 and Warning F15 – Disc malfunction
Error 71 – Disk malfunction (MySKy)
Notice F18 – Sky Digital Key malfunction
Notice F19 – Incorrect channel tuning or antenna cable problem
Notice F20 – Lack of communication between television and decoder
Notice F23 – No internet connection

Notice 25 – Satellite signal reception problems

If you see the message Notice 25 – Signal Reception Problems, the malfunction could be caused by the bad weather or from a technical problem of the system reception.

In case of bad weather, wait for an improvement in the weather.

In case of technical malfunction of the system, perform a My Sky HD reset:

  1. disconnect and reconnect the power socket from the Sky decoder
  2. wait about a minute before turning the decoder back on
  3. press the Sky button on the remote control of the Sky decoder and check if the channels are back to be properly visible

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