Spotify: here is the new history of the songs listened to

Spotify: here is the new history of the songs listened to

With this new update, Spotify users will now have access to a new “recently played” section which can be accessed from the history icon near the top of the main screen, which will list all the individual tracks that have been listened to.

Spotify claims that this feature will give Premium and Free users access to their history up to three months ago. Each track will include the playlist, album, or program that the track was associated with, making it easy to access and discover other music.

In addition to your favorite playlists, the home screen will now include podcasts for Premium users to access. They’ll be flagged to indicate if they’re new or include a progress bar for those you’ve already started, making it easier to go back to where you left off.

Premium subscribers will also have access to a discovery feature on the home screen, including a new banner highlighting new songs from their favorite artists. The experience is tailored to your tastes, so you’ll always be informed when a new song comes out.

Whether you’re looking to play some of your favorites, pick up where you left off, or discover something new, there’s something for everyone on the Home Hub … We believe that together, these updates will improve accessibility of both podcast and music. mobile content for your users.

According to Spotify, these new features will begin rolling out to mobile users this month. Some features are exclusive to Premium users, often the case with Spotify’s best features, such as saving music for offline playback. It’s a useful feature, especially if you know how to see your downloaded music on Spotify. If you haven’t signed up yet, it might be worth looking into.

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