Spotify texts not displayed: problems and solutions

Spotify texts not displayed: problems and solutions

Spotify is one of the largest music streaming services in the world, with 381 million monthly active users. For singers in the bathroom, it is difficult to get the lyrics of a song, especially rap songs. Spotify has come forward to help you with its new feature.

This new feature allows users to see lyrics while playing songs. As this is a new feature, many users are experiencing performance issues. For most users, the lyrics of a song are not displayed in the Spotify app or the lyrics displayed on the screen do not match.

Spotify lyrics are available to all premium and free users globally. The service is available on almost all smart devices, including Windows, macOS, iOS, Android smartphones, and Android TVs. It allows users to search for music based on album, artist or genre and can also create, edit and share playlists.

How to fix Spotify lyrics not showing on PC

(1) Make sure the microphone symbol is green.

(2) The microphone is usually displayed to the left of the Queue option and to the right of the total time of the song.

(3) Some songs don’t have lyrics support. So, try different songs.

(4) Close the application. Re-open Spotify and now check the microphone.

How to fix Spotify lyrics not showing on iPhone and Android

(1) Play your favorite song.

(2) Scroll down to view the lyrics.

(3) If you can’t find the lyrics for that song, try another song.

(4) Close the app and reopen it. Now, see if the lyrics are available.

Account Problem

Initially, the lyrics feature is not distributed to all users. So, in the initial stage, only a handful of users for the feature. After a while, the feature is made available to all users. If you are getting the lyrics feature, please contact Spotify customer support.

Where can you find the lyrics on Spotify?

If you don’t know where to find the lyrics of a song in the Spotify app, read the tip below.

On a laptop or computer, you can access the lyrics by clicking on the microphone symbol in the Now Playing bar. The lyrics will now appear automatically.

Now playing icon

On the Spotify smartphone application, users can do the same by clicking the Now Playing tab. On the right side, you can see the Texts button . Once clicked, you will get the text.

Spotify lyrics are not displayed on smartphone

On the Spotify app for smart TVs, you can tap the Now Playing button to display the lyrics.

Best regards : You can also share the lyrics in the song by clicking the button Share which usually appears at the bottom of the text screen.

How to Get Spotify Lyrics with Genius

Genius is one of Spotify’s partners. This platform has created a tool that gives access to texts. Here’s how to use it

(1) Open the app Spotify .

(2) Click the title of the song currently playing.

(3) Scroll down to access the history and song lyrics.

(4) Now, the texts will be available. If you don’t see any lyrics, the song has a text feature.


There are many third-party lyrics apps available in the Play Store and App Store. To name a few, Sound Hound And MusixMatch are some of the best text apps. You can use any of these apps to get the lyrics of your favorite song.

However, many Spotify users complain about the lyrics issue. Feel lucky if you have the lyrics of your favorite songs. Spotify will release a new update on this issue soon. Until then, be patient. Follow our social media handles, Facebook and Twitter, to get instant updates from us.

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