Stop the costs to call Ukraine: here are the good and bad managers

Stop the costs to call Ukraine: here are the good and bad managers

All four major US carriers are making it cheaper for you to communicate with family and friends in Ukraine afterwards the invasion of Russia this week.

T-Mobile waives the costs of international roaming and international long distance for calls and text messages made to and from the US and Ukraine, the mobile operator said Thursday. This one-week exemption will be available to T-Mobile and Sprint postpaid and prepaid consumer and business customers from February 24th to March 3rd. It also includes calls made in Ukraine to local numbers to cover roaming customers in Ukraine, T-Mobile said.

Verizon will waive the charges for calls from its postpaid consumer and business wireless customers and residential landline customers to and from Ukraine from February 25 to March 10, the carrier said Friday. Verizon also said it is waiving voice and text roaming charges for customers in Ukraine.

AT&T also offers unlimited long distance calls from the United States to Ukraine to all consumer and business postpaid and prepaid wireless customers and consumer VoIP and landline customers from February 26 to March 7, the company said Friday. US Cellular, the country’s fourth largest mobile operator, delivers to customers free calls to Ukraine from the United States from February 25 to March 31, the company said on Friday.

Mobile carriers in other parts of the world are also taking steps to support those affected by the attack Russian. Vodafone, one of the largest carriers in Europe, offers free roaming for all of its customers who will remain in Ukraine starting Friday and “over the next five days,” the company said on Friday. Calls and text messages for Vodafone customers looking to connect with friends and family in Ukraine will be free, the company said.

Deutsche Telekom, another large European carrier, is also making calls and text messages free in Ukraine, according to Reuters. Other UK mobile phone providers, including BT and O2, also have affirmed who will waive the tariffs for calls and SMS in Ukraine.

This isn’t the first time carriers have mobilized to help customers during a crisis. At the start of the pandemic, when millions of people suddenly had to start work or school from home, Internet providers including AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile they have extended the data limits.

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