The 5 best underwater structures in Minecraft

The 5 best underwater structures in Minecraft

Update 1.18 made a lot of changes to Minecraft. However, much of the game remains the same. Caves and mountains have received most of the changes, so places like the Nether, the End, oceans, and most of all biomes have remained largely unchanged.

Underwater is a place Minecraft players tend not to go. It’s dangerous and they literally can’t breathe there. However, it is home to some of the most beautiful Minecraft structures in the game. Here are the top five underwater builds Minecraft players can make after update 1.18.

Underwater builds for Minecraft players to try after update 1.18

5) Underwater house

This is the most basic underwater structure Minecraft players can build, but it’s a good one. Many players like to build it out of glass so they can watch underwater life swim by. Doing it near a coral reef is also a great idea, due to the bright and beautiful colors.

The minecraft underwater houses
Underwater houses can be really fun to make (Image via Minecraft)

4) Ship in bottle

This requires players to find a wreck, but enclosing it in glass, removing water, and making it a home is another popular choice. Ships in bottles are pretty cool, and living in one in Minecraft would be a great use of a shipwreck (in addition to loot, of course).

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3) House of the shipwreck

Shipwreck houses are great and are slightly better than a ship in a bottle. This involves leaving the water around the wreck, but cleaning it inside and creating a way to get in and out. It will be a small base, but it is still very impressive.

Sam_Sham (Commissions now open)
I started a new world of Minecraft and almost my spawn was a shipwreck but it is completely above the water so I could turn it into a big houseboat
01:22 9 Dec 2021

2) Sand castle

Usually a sandcastle is above the water, but really cool ones in Minecraft I’m underwater. They can be as large and expansive as the players want. Blocks of sandstone and bulk sand will be needed, but it’s a really cool build for players who want to build outside the box.

1) Renovated ocean monument

This is by far the most difficult underwater construction to make. Requires killing all Guardians (or Peaceful Mode), clearing all water, and building a house. Water-breathing potions can only last eight minutes, so the process will be difficult, but it’s the most impressive underwater build in Minecraft.

Ocean Monuments Can Be Renovated (Image via Minecraft)
Ocean Monuments Can Be Renovated (Image via Minecraft)

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