The Amazon chat bot is great at managing returns and refunds

The Amazon chat bot is great at managing returns and refunds

Buying stuff online is easy, but getting support when things go wrong can be much more difficult. Walking into a store where you can drop an item face-to-face and explaining why it needs to be returned is a relatively straightforward process compared to wading through phone menus to talk to someone or waving your thumbs while an underpaid service rep juggles. twenty chats at the same time.

But, if you haven’t used it yet, Amazon’s automated support chatbot it is quite powerful and useful to use.

Few people seem to know about this opportunity, it seems that Amazon silently rolled out the feature a little earlier this summer.

Amazon chat-bot

Instead of dancing to the seller feedback tools that take time to fix the problem, just activate the chatbot and you will reach a solution to your problem in no time – it’s a 30 second process easier than human support.

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After a series of questions to navigate the bot’s decision tree, you’ll likely be offered a refund for the mistake. Most people who have used Amazon’s automated support chatbots have positive feelings for it.

The next time you run into a problem with your Amazon order, give the chatbot a try if you can – it may be faster and easier than the other support options.

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