The best Android augmented reality games of 2021

The best Android augmented reality games of 2021

A relatively new form of play, AR takes advantage of the hardware built into our phones to bring us new means of entertainment. This is possible on other platforms, but the additional hardware required deters many people, myself included, out.

However, with the little powerhouse in your pocket, you can experience the world of augmented reality gaming.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

I’m sure you’ve heard of Harry Potter in some way. It’s a media phenomenon, no doubt, but fans have been hungry for good games that allowed them to enter the wizarding world. Sure, the Lego Harry Potter games were fun, but this franchise lacks meaningful gaming experiences.

Wizards Unite turns all of this upside down. While some fans have been waiting for an actual Potter RPG or something like that, at least this game can fix them. Think Pokémon Go, but with wizards and the like. This is basically what’s going on here. It requires some physical exertion on your part, but at least it now has Adventure Sync.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is free with in-app purchases. It may not yet have the influence that Pokémon Go still has, but it sure does have the minds of many.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

Take the one you liked from Pokémon Go and put a coat of Harry Potter paint on it. Get up, take a walk and explore the mysteries hidden around us.

Pokémon Go

Back when Pokémon Go first launched in 2016, I jumped on the bandwagon along with millions of others. Since then, we’ve seen the format copied by other brands hoping to cash in on the mobile AR game craze that Niantic has perfected, but nothing has managed to match Pokémon Go’s cultural impact or stamina. To this day, I still often come across Pokémon Go players catching and grinding to level up and evolve their Pokémon, and that’s impressive.

Even though I’ve personally stopped playing, the community seems stronger than ever. Game developers are constantly adding new game content and features supported by game and real-life events for players to participate in.

For example, last December, Niantic finally added a PvP combat system that added the ability to fight against friends, which they teased in early game trailers. This summer, the latest in-game event involved Team Rocket Grunts popping up all over the place and challenging you to battle their Shadow Pokémon, which can also be caught using Raid Balls.

It’s just great to see this phenomenal game continue to grow and expand, which is why we’ve added it back to our list of the best Android games. Pokémon Go is still one of those rare games that can be played for free as long as you’re willing to put in the physical work, with in-app purchases if you need a little nudge along the way. Despite the challenges of other brands looking to cash in on this unique mobile game genre, it looks the most authentic for its source material. It continues to outperform the competition in terms of game variety, reach and popularity.

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Pokemon Go

Pokémon GO

Pokémon Go was the first game to introduce location-based augmented reality games to the mainstream. It remains the most complete and fun game of the genre for 3 years and beyond.

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