The cinema mode of the iPhone 13 offers professional video tools - watch the video

The cinema mode of the iPhone 13 offers professional video tools – watch the video

In the midst of today’s iPhone 13 reveal event, Apple has announced an exciting new feature for all upcoming iPhones. This feature is called Cinematic Mode and it allows iPhone 13 users to shoot videos with a professional looking rack focus effect. Apple even made a pretty compelling case for cinematic mode by showing a short film shot entirely on an iPhone 13 during the presentation.

Obviously, in that short film – dubbed “Whodunnit” – most of the focus is on Cinematic mode and its transitions, as it often shows the shift of attention between a foreground subject and a background subject (or vice versa). Apple uploaded the short film they shot to their YouTube channel and we’ve incorporated it below so you can see the cinematic mode in full effect.

Apple claims that the cinema mode records in Dolby Vision HDR. While the Cinematic node will automatically apply focus changes while shooting thanks to machine learning algorithms, what’s particularly interesting about this feature is that it allows you to make changes to the depth of focus even after recording.

So, if there’s a case where your subject looks away from the camera, but the autofocus shift doesn’t happen, you’ll be able to apply those focus changes after the fact. Apple says the bokeh level will be adjustable in the Photos and iMovie app for iOS and will launch in the future for iMovie on macOS and Final Cut Pro.

All in all, it looks like a solid feature, but the fine print in Apple’s announcement today tells us that videos shot in cinema mode will be limited to 1080p at 30 frames per second. For more information on Apple’s reveal today, including pricing and release details for all new iPhones, check out the timeline below.

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