The “Doctor Who” producer thinks Jodie Whittaker will be appreciated over time

The “Doctor Who” producer thinks Jodie Whittaker will be appreciated over time

As the first actress to pick up the sonic screwdriver, the role of Doctor Who by Jodie Whittaker has been rife with controversy and backlash, but producer Matt Strevens thinks his efforts will be appreciated as soon as the next Doctor arrives.

In recent years, current showrunners Chris Chibnall and Whittaker have aroused the ire of Whovian fandom for offering a lackluster ride and contravening the long-standing tradition of the story. This also led to record viewing figures for the popular science fiction series, prompting the BBC to bring back former executive producer Russell T. Davies in an effort to rekindle fan participation and correct the show’s tide.

The “Doctor Who” producer thinks Jodie Whittaker will be appreciated over time

But according to Matt Stevens, who joined the crew as a producer in 2017, the controversy mostly has to do with what every Doctor and every showrunner go through. As he explained in an interview with Doctor Who Magazine:

“Every doctor gets it, every showrunner gets it. I loved Steven Moffat’s reaction when Russell T. Davies was announced that he would be back recently, writing “RTD MUST GO!” on Instagram. I thought he was so witty because there is always someone waiting to have a pop. And that’s good, in a way. The great thing is that we have free speech and people are free to say what they want, ”he explained.

“Every era of Doctor Who has had its great champions, and every era and every Doctor has had people saying ‘It’s not like it used to be…’ And then, later on, much of the contemporary type of commentary disappears. With a short distance of time, there is great affection looking back. I think that, when the story is written, Jodie’s Doctor will be thought, rightly, with enormous affection. And love, frankly.

This is definitely a way to interpret the current mood of the fandom. Of course, what Strevens is referring to is a real phenomenon in Doctor Who , where each new incarnation of the character takes some time to get used to their first releases. But I doubt we can blame the general outrage and waning interest on “contemporary comments” about Jodie Whittaker herself.

If anything, many Whovians would agree that Whittaker is not to blame for the show’s underwhelming performance. Many of her would even vote to have her stay for RTD’s second showrunner job, as her portrayal of the Doctor was nothing short of stellar and charismatic. Although I guess the only way to really know is to wait and see how the new Doctor is welcomed!

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