The library in 'Minecraft' that collects censored articles

The library in ‘Minecraft’ that collects censored articles

There are a number of ways to circumvent press censorship, although it is becoming increasingly difficult in countries like China and Russia that have traditionally cracked down on VPNs and used similar information control methods.

Reporters Without Borders thinks they have the answer to those growing obstacles: making news available in a game that is rarely blocked. The team worked with BlockWords and MediaMonks on Uncensored Library a map of Minecraft which includes articles by journalists and sites whose work is often censored for their truths little appreciated by governments. You will find articles by the murdered Saudi Arab journalist Jamal Khashoggi (whose girlfriend Hatice Cengiz supports the project), the Russian website for activists Grani.ruand Egyptian anti-corruption prices Mada Masr among others.

The library is a technical achievement in its own right. It resembles a giant neoclassical museum, complete with country-specific wings and huge book collections.

Reporters Without Borders believes that the uncensored Library should be relatively resilient. Anyone can download the necessary map and the nature of Minecraft make it easier to host another server if an oppressive country tries to destroy one.

A nice way to get people involved who wouldn’t think much about such a difficult topic otherwise.

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