The Matrix Resurrections post-credits scene, explained

The Matrix Resurrections post-credits scene, explained

Matrix Resurrections is in theaters and on HBO Max now, and it’s a beautiful journey into memory 18 years after the original trilogy ended. Unlike the movie of the Marvel Cinematic Universe the Wachowskis series isn’t known for post-credits scenes, but the fourth entry has a fun meta surprise for those who stick around.

Scroll down to take the pill FULL SPOILER and see how deep the rabbit hole is.

spoiler alert

After the credits, we returned to Deus Machina, the Warner Bros.-owned video game developer that Neo was working for. Forced to return to his Matrix identity, Thomas Anderson created a trilogy of games based on his memories of the events of previous films (believing them to be mere creations of his imagination).

Early in Matrix Resurrections, Neo’s former nemesis Agent Smith (Jonathan Groff) is living his new life in The Matrix as Anderson’s business partner and orders Warner Bros. to want a fourth Matrix game. They organized a brainstorming session and exchanged ideas on game action, a cerebral narrative and the series’ signature Bullet Time. It’s all so meta that you might briefly question reality.

Jonathan Groff in Matrix Resurrections
This guy wants to go back to the Matrix.Warner Bros.

We have a few more in the after-credits scene.

“Face reality. Movies are dead. The games are dead, ”says one developer. “The narrative is dead”.

According to his colleague, the media is just a “neuroactive response and viral conditioning”. They suggest drawing on the glorious Internet tradition of cat videos and suggest that their next project should be a series of videos called “The Catrix”. There is indeed a YouTube video with a similar name that features a bunch of acrobatic kittens.

It could also allude to The Analyst’s cat, Deja Vu, which was a recall to the iconic moment in the film original from 1999 when Neo saw the same cat twice after the machines modified the Matrix. All animals in the Matrix are digital constructs.

It’s unlikely we’ll see a fifth movie with this name, but we should all welcome our digital felines if that time comes. Until then, we consume all alone content for cats . Meow meow.

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