The most popular GIFs of 2021 according to GIPHY

The most popular GIFs of 2021 according to GIPHY

If the year could be summed up in GIFs, it would include images describing a range of feelings, from happiness (long live the openings of borders!) To boredom, disappointment and fatigue (Omicron? Are we even surprised?).

These emotional roller coasters are reflected in the annual roundup of GIPHY’s Most Popular GIFs: Start with a cheery animation of Baby Yoda waving her little arms in the air, then move on to images of The Weeknd bewildered, a downed Pikachu, and an exhausted Tom.

The dominant emotionof the year, apparently, is boredom, with the most popular GIF of the year “Bored Stanley”. The office it has been a source of comfort and boredom to many during the pandemic, so it’s not all that surprising.

Reflecting on this meme progression, it’s clear that most people need to step back and take a break. Hopefully the main GIFs of 2022 will look much more optimistic.

10. “Excited the child”

Image via Disney + / GIPHY

9. “Happy Dance”

Image via foodieg / GIPHY

8. “Laugh Reaction”

Image via Netflix / GIPHY

7. “Super Bowl Reaction”

Image via NFL / GIPHY

6. “Happy birthday party”

Image via Discover LA / GIPHY

5. “Agnes Harkness Winks”

Image via Disney + / GIPHY

4. “just sad”

Image via Pokémon / GIPHY

3. “Oh No Reaction”

Image via the Great British Bakeoff / GIPHY

2. “Tired Good Night”

Image via HBO Max / GIPHY

1. “Bored Stanley”

Image via The Office / GIPHY

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