The new Windows 11 wallpapers with the PANTONE color of the year

The new Windows 11 wallpapers with the PANTONE color of the year

Windows 11’s now famous Bloom wallpaper is available in four new versions! Microsoft has launched new wallpapers to celebrate PANTONE’s Color of the Year 2022, a purple hue called Very Peri. Several Microsoft apps are also receiving the periwinkle treatment, including Edge, Teams, and PowerPoint.

In a blog post , Microsoft explains how “every design decision” it makes is inspired by color. And this enthusiasm only grew after the pandemic, which represented an opportunity for Microsoft to “break free” of old leases and embrace a “dynamic and personal” design.

Teaming up with PANTONE makes sense, especially with this year’s big color. Very Peri adapts to the Windows 11 design language, but also has the dynamic and energetic feel that the default Windows 11 themes lack.

Microsoft Edge with Pantone periwinkle skin.

And Microsoft will continue to integrate PANTONE’s Color of the Year with its apps and operating system. Over the next year, Very Peri will become a Microsoft Teams Edge theme and wallpaper. Color will also be featured in four new PowerPoint themes.

You can download Microsoft’s new Very Peri wallpapers from the Microsoft Store or from the link below. If you want these wallpapers but don’t use Windows 11, I suggest you wait for someone to upload high resolution copies.

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