Top 5 Android games like Minecraft for kids

Top 5 Android games like Minecraft for kids

Minecraft is a sandbox game available on a wide variety of platforms. It stands out for its pixelated graphics and block fonts.

Minecraft is enjoyed by both children and adults, and players can build unique structures in the game. Children who want to enjoy similar titles on their Android devices can choose one of the titles given below.

The best Android alternatives to Minecraft

5) Craft World – Master Building Block Game 3D

From building their dream house to building a vast castle, players can create various structures as they did in Minecraft. They can download the game from here.

Craft World’s simple and intuitive interface makes it child friendly. Users can watch the in-game tutorials to better familiarize themselves with the gameplay.

4) Creation and construction

Players start by choosing their characters in the game. They can then take this character and explore as they do in Minecraft.

Crafting and Building also has a multiplayer mode that users can enjoy with their friends and family. The title has a 4.4 star rating and players can download it from here.

3) London Craft: building and construction exploration game

As the name suggests, players can explore the city of London in London Craft. The graphics and characters in the game are sure to remind them of Minecraft.

From enjoying the water park to a thrilling roller coaster ride, this game has fun activities that users can take part in. They can also create custom designs and build structures.

2) Block Craft 3D: construction game

Users can explore the block sandbox world with their friends like they did in Minecraft. They have the option of creating their own village or enjoying the open world offered by the game.

Mobile players can create custom blocks, furniture and buildings and sell them to receive gems in return. They can download Block Craft 3D for free by clicking here .

1) Blockman Go

The weapons, characters and graphics in this game are very similar to Minecraft. Users can win prizes by playing the minigames offered by the title.

It also gives them the ability to customize their appearance. Blockman Go has a 4.4 star rating and over 50 million downloads on the Google Play Store.

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