Upcoming emojis will include melting face, biting lip, heart hands and more.

Upcoming emojis will include melting face, biting lip, heart hands and more.

The Unicode Consortium today released the list of new emojis arriving in the Emoji 14 update, giving us a look at the new characters we can expect to see introduced on Apple devices later this year.

As outlined by Emojipediathe definitive list includes 37 new emojis along with 75 skin tone additions for a total of 112 new characters.

New faces include melting face, greeting face, face with open eyes and hand over mouth, face with peeking eye, face with diagonal mouth and face with dashed line, while new emojis include lip bite and bubbles.

There are several new hand emojis, such as heart hands, right hand, left hand, palm down hand, palm up hand, hand with index finger and thumb crossed, the index finger pointing at the viewer, along with an update of the handshake emoji.

Egg nest, empty nest, X-ray, crutch, playground slide, wheel, ring buoy, hamsa, mirror ball, jar, ID card and low battery are new elements, while plants and animals will include coral and lotus . As for the fantasy characters, we can expect a new troll emoji and eggs, beans and spilled liquids make up new food items.

Now that the candidate emojis have been finalized and released, Apple is free to implement the new characters in a future iOS update. The images above are interpretations of what the emoji may look like, but Apple will design their own.

We can expect the new emoji characters to be introduced in an update to iOS 15 later this year. The last time Apple unveiled new emojis with the iOS 14.5 update released in April.

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