User builds huge medieval city on Minecraft

User builds huge medieval city on Minecraft

Minecraft is famous for its near-infinite sandbox world, which allows players to show creativity. Players can create anything their minds can think of in Minecraft.

There are hundreds of unique blocks and items that players can find, collect and use in Minecraft. Minecrafters build huge castles, statues, structures and more using their creativity.

Minecraft subreddits are one of the best places to find creations from many players. Recently, a fellow Redditor, u / exxidro, showed off its impressive medieval town filled with buildings, markets, taverns, and more.

Minecraft Redditor creates an impressive medieval city

Every Minecrafter dreams of starting a mega project and completing it at some point, but not all players manage to complete their ambitious mega builds as they take days or weeks of effort and time.

Redditor u / exxidro completed his medieval town projects after three and a half months. After reviewing the entire build, other Redditors recognized OP’s (Original Poster) efforts.

The city of OP features medieval structures such as a palace, pier, schooner, market, church, tavern, flower fields, cultivated fields, parks, etc. The whole building looks like a custom medieval themed map.

In the center of the city, OP created more houses using stone and wood. All of them are connected with beautiful stony paths. High walls surround the central part of the city. Towards the ocean side, OP built a small port and a ship.

In the direction of the woods there are tiny wooden houses and large fields covered with wheat and sunflowers. If that’s not already impressive, OP created this project on Minecraft Bedrock Edition for mobile. Building on smartphones is much more complicated than on other platforms.

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