Voight doesn't have many friends left in "Chicago PD"

Voight doesn’t have many friends left in “Chicago PD”

The ninth season of Chicago PD put Voight to the test. While Upton has the deepest uproar for killing a wanted fugitive and agreeing to cover up the crime with Voight, he is dealing with his own demons as a result of the accident.

And not only has it tarnished his relationship with Upton, but now his connection with Halstead as well. Fortunately, he approached confidential informant Anna. And now viewers want to know how close they get.

Voight is not the character type of PD of Chicago who gets involved in a love story every season. He is more of a hardened detective who makes tough choices and doesn’t think twice. But now it seems like the time to give him a love interest, if only to give him someone to lean on. And according to the synopsis of the January 19, 2022 episode of Chicago PD Anna is back.

Upton, Voight and Halstead in "Chicago PD"

Will Voight and Anna unite in “Chicago PD”?

Nobody related to Chicago PD hinted at a love story between Voight and Anna. But there is a connection there that is hard to ignore. And since Voight is the lone wolf that he is, maybe that’s all he needs right now.

When Anna was introduced earlier in the season, Jason Beghe, who plays Voight, told a TVInsider that Voight and Anna are similar in that “both willing to bend the rules for justice.”

In the episode of January 19, 2022, Anna’s life is again in danger as Voight’s CI. While there doesn’t seem to be a chance they’ll meet romantically, Voight may show a side of her humanity as he races to save her.

Voight’s relationship with Upton isn’t great right now.

At the end of season 8, Voight cornered Roy, a wanted killer and kidnapper. Voight had just beaten him senseless and Upton appeared on the scene.

When Roy took Voight’s gun, Upton shot him. But, due to the way Voight brutally beat Roy, Voight convinced Upton to let him cover up the murder, albeit in self-defense.

Now, things are not going well between Upton and Voight. Although she dealt with much of what happened in the first half of season 9, his relationship with Voight has changed and probably won’t be the same for very long, if ever.

Tracy Spiridakos, who plays Upton, told a CinemaBlend that Upton now sees Voight in a different way, even though he is still his superior.

“I think Hailey had Voight on a bit of a pedestal, and I think it’s changed for her now,” Tracy said. “I think she still respects him and loves him as a family, but I think what happened has completely changed her point of view and changed the way she sees him… I feel that dynamic is definitely going to be different for her. forward, between the two of them for sure. “

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