“We welcome you on Facebook”: how to thank my fans

“We welcome you on Facebook”: how to thank my fans

After creating the Page you should start thanking and interacting with your audience in order to build loyalty, which is why you often find the phrase “We welcome you to Facebook”As the first post of the groups or pages.

Today we’re going to give you loads of great ideas including instructions for creating some great welcome pages:

  • Write a welcome post: serves to convince your audience to “like” your Page and follow you. Create a welcome post that includes details about your company and why people should like your Page. Provide information about the content you will share, such as special offers, company updates, and more. Use this template to write your welcome post.
  • Pin your welcome post at the top– Once you’ve created your welcome post, pin it at the top of the Page so it’s the first thing people see when they visit it. The pinned post stays at the top of the page until you edit or remove it. Find how stare up a post.
  • Share meaningful content– Anyone who visits your Page will see your posts. Make sure you post content that is interesting to people, encouraging them to follow your company.
  • Stimulate interactions– Publish content that grabs your audience’s attention. You could add compelling visual content or refer to a group, event, or story you’ve posted.

How to create welcome pages on Facebook

1. Install “Static HTML: iFrame Tabs” by visiting https://www.facebook.com/apps/application.php?id=190322544333196 and clicking “add to my page” at the bottom left of the page

welcome pages on Facebook

2. Choose if you want to have a ‘reveal’ tab – this means that people who visit your page who haven’t already liked your page will see a different tab than those who have.

3. Create images for your cards. If you don’t have Photoshop or anything else appropriate, give it a try http://pixlr.com/ . The image must be 520 pixels wide, but you can make it as much as you want – I made 600 pixels for my wonderful creations. Make sure you remind people to like your page! You can design the one card everyone will see, or design two: one for people who aren’t your fans and one for people who are.

4. Save your card designs (I just saved as jpeg) and upload them to the net so they have a URL.

5. Go to your page and click on the “Welcome” tab – you will see something like this:

“We welcome you on Facebook”: how to thank my fans

6. Enter the following code in the first box (the tab that people who disliked your page will see):

“We welcome you on Facebook”: how to thank my fans

7. If you want to have a different tab that people who liked your page will see, enter the same code in the second box, but of course using the other URL in the image.

You will then have a welcome page and you will likely get thousands (if not millions) of fans! If you know a little bit of HTML you can spice up your page a bit, but if you’re just looking for a simple, branded welcome card, it should work fine and only take a few minutes (depending on your design skills).

Update: there seems to be some issues with some people not being able to get the code right (I think it’s mostly those annoying apostrophes!) so I thought I’d give you an alternative that might help.

Shortstack is a fantastic tool that allows you to not only create a welcome page but also other types of Facebook cards (e.g. contact form, contests) for your page. It’s super easy to use and they do all the coding work for you. Even better, if you have fewer than 2,000 fans it’s free (note: you’ll have a Shorstack branding under your tab). For those of you who have more than 2,000 fans, or if you don’t want any Shortstack branding, it starts at $ 15 a month for a subscription. If you’re having trouble, it’s worth a look.

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