What are Instagram impressions? A guide to understand and increase them

What are Instagram impressions? A guide to understand and increase them

Social media seems simple when you scroll through posts, but anyone who has spent any time on the backend knows it’s anything but.

Entrepreneurs and social media professionals have a lot of data at their disposal, and for the uninitiated, it can be like trying to read a new language.

To help break things down, here’s what you need to know about Instagram impressions and how they differ from reach and engagement.

What are Instagram impressions and how are they calculated?

Impressions track the number of times your content (including stories and posts) is shown to users on the platform. In other words, if someone is scrolling through their feed and passing in front of your post, it’s an impression.

This doesn’t track unique viewers, just viewers. So, if the same person scrolls through your post twice, it’s two impressions, but only one “reach”, which keeps track of the only ones.

Impressions are meant to track awareness, and in theory, the more impressions you create over time, the more familiar a unique user will be with your brand. Hopefully, familiarity will lead the user to purchase your product or simply watch more content.

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How Instagram impressions differ in reach, engagement, and engagement rate

  • Coverage yes refers to the number of unique users who have seen your content.
  • The involvement , on the other hand, refers to whenever someone (including you) interacts with your content. This includes actions such as:
    • Commenting
    • Sharing or saving
    • I like
    • Following
    • Mention your account (with or without tagging you)
    • Using branded hashtags
    • By clicking on a story or link
    • Direct message with you
  • Your engagement rate measure how many people saw your content versus how many interacted with it. So, for example, if ten people see your post, but only five people like it, you have an engagement rate of 50 percent (or 0.5).
  • You can calculate your engagement rate by dividing your total engagement (on a single post or your entire account) by the amount of followers, reach, or impressions. The exact way you calculate this varies depending on your social media goals.
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How to track reach, impressions and engagement?

You can access your account analytics if you have a Instagram business account which you can also link to your Facebook business page if you have one.

Once set up, go to the “Insights” section of your profile to view your profile analytics. Here you will see information and data that can help you improve your content strategy and evaluate what works and what doesn’t.

In addition to Instagram’s native analytics tool, you can download a third-party app like Hootsuite or Sprout to view more detailed data beyond what Instagram’s built-in analytics can provide.

These built-in programs can also act as scheduling apps that help post and track comments and hashtags. However, you may have to pay to use these apps, especially when it comes to their more advanced features.

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