What do people think with the "infinity" tattoo of the Meta logo?

What do people think with the “infinity” tattoo of the Meta logo?

A seismic change shook the world: Facebook changed its name to Meta. We are truly fortunate to be living in such historic times.

While Facebook’s identity and branding will get headlines, this is overshadowing true human history.

Yes, I’m talking about the thousands upon thousands of people who now have a Meta logo tattoo.

After spending probably more than I will ever in my life on rebranding, F̶a̶c̶e̶b̶o̶o̶k̶ Meta ended up with a logo in the shape of a infinity symbol that also looks like an “M”? Mind. Blown.

Unfortunately, in addition to being a lazy design, the infinity symbol is found alongside feathers, swallows, and cursive text as the most popular (and cliché) tattoos.

So I had a question: How do people feel about having the Meta logo inked on them?

It takes thick skin to get infinite ink

To be fair, this piece started out as a condescending article on “time to invest in tattoo removal” (wrote a guy who got a book tattooed because … he reads books, wow ).

But as I talked to the people who actually had the tattoo, it became apparent that they didn’t give a shit if others thought the infinity symbol was a cliché – they all had deeply personal stories to share about what it meant to them.

For example, Susan *, who lives in Australia, and her partner have matching infinite tattoos that represent mutual love “to infinity and beyond”. While Gabriella, a public relations manager, got it to represent lost loved ones.

Steven on the other hand, who works as a developer, got it to signal his commitment to turning his life around.

Cecilia, who worked in a busy public relations firm, is another interesting example. She got tattooed on a trip to Central America after suffering a breakdown at the end of her 20s, the symbol of infinity was supposed to represent “eternal freedom”.

While she acknowledges that the circumstances in which to get that tattoo were cliché – a fascinating job in a ruthless industry, followed by recovery on a sunny beach – she never regretted getting it.

“I love my mini tattoo,” he told me. It’s part of her personal story, whether people joke about it or not.

The Meta logo isn’t exactly new to the corporate world

“My colleagues already make fun of me because another company logo in our field uses the infinity symbol,” wrote Cecilia. But that doesn’t bother her. You know that the infinity symbol is commonly used, but it is “attaching personal stories” to the image that makes it “really special”.

And others agree.

Everyone I spoke to thought the Meta logo was so uninteresting that it had no impact on the meaning of their tattoos. “They look like antique glasses to me,” said Gabriella. It doesn’t change his perception of her ink one bit.

So after all my interviews, it’s pretty easy to summarize the views of the average person infinitely tattooed on the new Meta logo.

They don’t give a shit.

* The names have been changed in the article to respect privacy .

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