What does the red dot mean on an Apple Watch?

What does the red dot mean on an Apple Watch?

If you own an Apple Watch, you know how convenient the device can be to keep you connected, even when you’re not paying attention to your iPhone or don’t have it directly in front of you.

From importing emails to receiving text messages and even voice calls, an Apple Watch can keep you connected to the features and apps you use most on your iPhone and alert you to important notifications.

What does the red dot mean on an Apple Watch?

You may have noticed a red dot at the top of your Apple Watch – this means you have unread notifications.

It is quite simple to check these notifications and remove the red dot so that everyone is involved.

Here’s how to do it.

How to check notifications on your Apple Watch

1. With the watch face on, swipe down from the top of the screen to view the notifications you’ve received.

2. To read each individual notification, tap them one by one. Note that if you have several notifications, you can scroll through them using the digital crown on your Apple Watch.

3. To dismiss the notification, swipe left on the watch and then press the X button. You can also dismiss it by scrolling down and tapping “Dismiss” at the bottom of the screen.

How to turn off the red dot for notifications on your Apple Watch

If you no longer want the red dot to appear every time you have notifications, you can disable this feature via the Watch app on your iPhone.

Simply tap the Notifications option under My Watch and turn off the Notification Indicator button.


You can reactivate this feature at any time by activating the button, which will turn it green.

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