What is a Twitter retweet?

What is a Twitter retweet?

A retweet is simply a repost of another Twitter user’s tweet on your profile to show to your followers. Like hashtags, retweets are a community-driven phenomenon on Twitter that helps improve service and allows people to more easily spread discussions.

If you are familiar with Facebook, you may have already seen a friend reshare a post which was originally posted by one of his friends or one of the public pages they liked. Facebook re-sharing is basically the same as Twitter retweeting.

How to retweet someone else’s tweet

Retweeting is very simple, all you have to do is look for the retweet button with double arrow that appears under each tweet and click on it (if you are using the desktop web) or tap on it (if you are using a mobile device).

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You will have the option to add your own message with the retweet before it is reposted on your profile, or simply leave it blank and retweet it as is. That user’s tweet will then automatically be incorporated into your profile and they’ll receive a notification that you have retweeted it.

What are the benefits of retweeting?

When you retweet someone else’s tweet, you are essentially interacting with them. Unless they get tons of interactions with thousands of followers and have a hard time keeping up with notifications, they will notice your retweet and they may decide to connect with you or maybe even return the favor.

You’re also introducing valuable information and suggesting new voices for your own followers to follow. The retweet it’s what spreads good information quickly and makes things go viral.

If you tweet something really great and a great influencer decides to retweet you, their followers will see your tweet and may end up retweeting you too or even following you. It truly is the best way to get the word out about everything worth sharing and thus build your engagement.

When should you retweet?

There are no fixed rules on when to retweet, but in general you should retweet when something particularly interesting or noteworthy that other people (your followers) would benefit from seeing. For example, if someone you follow tweets something absolutely hilarious that you think might be fun for your followers as well, it would be a great time to retweet it. Or, if you want to get your followers to join a conversation you’re having, now would be another good time to retweet.

Avoid retweeting tweets simply because you have nothing else to tweet. If the tweet is meaningful to you in some way, by all means, retweet it. But avoid tweeting simply because it appeared in your feed. Retweeting too much can look a lot like Twitter spam, and you risk not being followed or muted by some of your existing followers.

There is a bit of a trend among Twitter users who put a “Retweets are not endorsements” disclaimer in their biographies. Sometimes, retweets give others the impression that the retweeter agrees or supports the original user who tweeted it, but often they simply retweeted it just to inform their followers of the conversations and issues under discussion.

Remember that retweeting is about having fun, being social, and sharing things worth sharing. Try it and see how it works for you!

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