What is Decentraland and what is it like to enter the metaverse for the first time?

What is Decentraland and what is it like to enter the metaverse for the first time?

In this post we will tell you what it is and how to enter the Decentraland metaverse for the first time. The thought of entering the metaverse can be scary at first. We imagine walking with virtual reality glasses through unknown worlds reserved only for experienced programmers and developers in the field.

However, the idea of ​​metaverses has been with us almost since the launch of the Internet. A metaverse is nothing more than a Second Life or a Habbo, but built on the Blockchain. And, as with most applications built on this technology, all you need to get started is a crypto wallet.


How to get started in the Decentraland metaverse

With a turnover of over 70 million dollars, the Decentraland metaverse was the first virtual world developed on Blockchain technology. With each passing day, Decentraland attracts more users and investors, who see in these platforms the possibilities that the Internet had in its beginnings. In Decentraland, instead of web domains, you buy virtual land, but the idea is the same: buy a virtual space that allows you to develop any business you can imagine.

Therefore, it is not surprising that more and more companies are starting to open their spaces in Decentraland. Amnsesia, the famous Ibiza nightclub, created two tracks a few months ago so that avatars can dance in the metaverse. Shotebys, the oldest auction house in the world, has opened a digital replica of its gallery in London, allowing the possibility to auction products within this alternative world. Multinationals such as Coca-Cola have already started marketing products with their image within Decentraland.

Cryptocurrency wallet

The key difference between games like Second Life or Habbo and blockchain metaverses is the existence of cryptographic tokens and wallets. Tokens, in addition to facilitating the creation of your own economy within the game, allow you to connect the game with the real world. That is, they allow any profits made within these virtual worlds to be instantly turned into real world money. Something impossible in “traditional” virtual worlds.

That’s why the first thing you need to start playing on Decentraland is a cryptocurrency wallet. In this case, we recommend the MetaMask crypto wallet. A software wallet that can be downloaded as a Chrome or Mozilla Firefox extension and connects directly to Decentraland upon login. Furthermore, from MetaMask’s crypto wallet you can buy MANA, the official token of Decentraland, and it allows you to keep the land you buy in the metaverse safe.

The beginnings

When opening the Decentraland website, the first thing to keep in mind is that you need a computer with some power to play. In my case for example, I tried to open my user with a Mac laptop and I couldn’t get past the home screen. However, with a computer with a little more power, I can enter and traverse the virtual world without any problems. Also, from my personal experience, Decentreland works much better when opened from Mozilla Firefox than from Chrome.

Once on the web, we click on the button in the center of “Get started”, which will take us to another screen where we will have to click on “Play”. Next, we need to select the crypto wallet we want to use for the virtual world. In case we have previously configured a crypto wallet in Metamask, we select this option and it will automatically connect to our software wallet extension. We don’t need any money in the wallet to start playing, we just need to have a crypto wallet configured, as this will be the way we will always log in.

You can also delve into Decentraland’s metaverse without the need for a crypto wallet by selecting the option to play as a guest. In this case, you will not be able to buy items or lands but you will be able to create an avatar and start exploring the virtual world.

The avatar

After connecting the crypto wallet or if we have chosen to play as a guest, it is our turn to change our avatar. The edit menu is very similar to games like The Sims or the Wii Editor. Avatars aren’t identical reflections of people in the real world, but if you take the time to edit them you can get a good approximation. You can modify the body, hair, eyebrows, eyes, mouth, facial hair and put on the clothes you want. There aren’t many clothes or accessories available on the start menu, as most of these items are on sale once in-game.


Once edited, you will need to name the avatar. You can enter any name you want, but you have to keep in mind that it won’t be unique unless you buy it. Names, such as digital lands and web domains, are also for sale and there is a secondary market that allows you to trade them. Some names, such as “MOON”, sold for more than $ 40,000.

Genesis square

You have now created your avatar and can start exploring this virtual world. The first place you land is in the main square of Decentraland, known as Genesis Plaza. Here is a short tutorial on the basic movements of your avatar. These movements are common in most computer games. The WASD keys to scroll and the movement of the mouse to direct the gaze of your avatar. In the center of the square you will find a fountain, jump into it and you can begin your adventure in the metaverse. In the next articles we will find out how to buy items and, above all, how to buy virtual land in Decentraland.

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