What is Dropbox? How does it work?

What is Dropbox? How does it work?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could access the files on your computer wherever you went? Well, there are ways to do this, but how practical are they? If you’re using a standard desktop computer, USB memory sticks are an inexpensive solution that allows you to upload your files to another computer. However, they are easy to lose and it is easy to forget which files are on which stick. And if you own a laptop, you don’t necessarily have to carry it with you wherever you go. And even so, what if your laptop crashes or you lose your USB stick? How to recover those files?

In today’s world, there are much easier ways to store your files and access them on the go. By using the Internet to save to the “cloud”, you can access a computer file storage system from your computer desktop, from Internet browsers (such as Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer) or even from your mobile device! most popular services like this is Dropbox.

Dropbox is a cloud-based storage system that uses the internet to save and store your files. This allows you to access it almost anywhere you can get an internet connection, such as on other computers or on your mobile device. Dropbox also provides a backup for all your files, so you’ll never lose them.

How Dropbox works: 4 reasons to start using Dropbox

1. Store and recover your files virtually anywhere

Dropbox offers you several ways to put your computer files on Dropbox’s protected servers or remove them (if needed): via the Dropbox website itself, via a program and access folder on your desktop computer, or via an application on the your mobile device (e.g. tablet or smartphone). Dropbox will sync your files across all devices you connect to, so you can upload and work on a file in one place and then pick up where you left off in another place.

2. Share folders to sync files and work with them

Dropbox also makes it easy to share your computer files with others. If you know others who use Dropbox, you can invite them to share any of your folders on Dropbox. If they agree, all you have to do is place a file in that folder and it will show up in the same folder on your friend’s account. From there, your friend can add more files to that folder, delete files he no longer needs, and make changes to files already inside the folder.

What is Dropbox? How does it work?

3. Share linked files to keep track of them

If you want to share your files on Dropbox with others without letting them make changes, Dropbox lets you do that too. You can share Internet links to your files and folders on Dropbox that allow people who have them to view what’s inside those folders, preview those files, and even download copies of those files. However, they cannot make changes to the files and folders you link to.

What is Dropbox? How does it work?

4. With multiple backup copies, your files are safe

Dropbox will back up the files you’ve entered for at least 30 days. This means that even if something goes wrong with your computer or mobile device, or if you replace a new one, your computer files will be safe on Dropbox. Dropbox also keeps backups of your files and each of their versions for at least 30 days (more if you update your account), so if a file is accidentally changed or deleted on Dropbox, you can restore or recover it from the trash!

What is Dropbox? How does it work?

And these are just some of the reasons why so many people use Dropbox!

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