What is Shazam? Here's what you need to know about the music identification app

What is Shazam? Here’s what you need to know about the music identification app

For those moments when you listen to music and want to know what song you are listening to and who is playing it, Shazam can help you. Music recognition app has been helping people identify songs since 2002.

In those days, the people had to dial 2580 and hold the phone close to the music. Users were then sent a message with information about the song.

In 2008, Shazam was one of the first apps to be available in the Apple App Store. In 2011, it added TV shows and ads to its database.

These days, all you need to do to use Shazam is open the app and tap the Shazam logo or use the service via Siri.

How Shazam works

All it takes to identify a song or TV show on Shazam is a tap on the screen, and it can feel a little magical when the app identifies what you’re listening to in seconds. You can also activate Siri on an Apple device and ask Shazam to identify its playing audio source.

Shazam revealed what actually happens when you touch Shazam: First, Shazam creates a fingerprint of the audio picked up by your device’s microphone. Then, match your fingerprint to a database containing millions of music tracks and TV shows. Once a match is found, Shazam shows the name of the song and artist or TV show, as well as additional information such as lyrics, sharing options, and more.

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Devices that support Shazam

The Shazam app is available for download for iOS and Android devices. It’s also available for Apple Watch, Android Wear, and Mac. Shazam has been integrated into Siri on Apple devices since 2018, after Apple acquired the company.

Shazam app functionality

Shazam doesn’t just tell you the name of the TV show, song, or artist you’re listening to.

The app shows lyrics in real time so you can sing along, plus the most important songs by the same artist, other artist albums, music videos, suggestions for similar songs you might like, and song information.

Shazam offers sharing options for social media apps, email and text messages, and options to open the song in Apple Music or Spotify or buy it in iTunes. You can also add the songs you find on Shazam to Apple Music or Spotify playlists.

The app automatically saves Shazam songs so you can browse them later in the library tab.

If you use Shazam without an internet connection, the app will still create an audio fingerprint, which it will match to the Shazam database the next time your device has an internet connection.

Auto Shazam is a feature that allows Shazam to automatically identify the songs and TV shows playing around you, even when you use other apps. To activate Auto Shazam, tap and hold the Shazam button. To turn it off, tap the Shazam button.

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