What is the best time to post on TikTok?

What is the best time to post on TikTok?

Social media is a billion dollar industry and creators are always trying to find the best time to post. You can find dozens of online guides claiming to have found the one perfect moment.

Unfortunately, things are not that clear. Here’s what you need to know about when to post on TikTok, including insider insider information and analytics from your TikTok account.

What is the best time to post on TikTok?

TikTok is a global platform, available in nearly every country and time zone on Earth. This means that the exact best time to post on TikTok will differ depending on where your followers live.

According to Insider’s senior distribution producer Elizabeth Morales, Insider’s TikTok activity tends to peak between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. ET. Insider’s TikTok is operated from the East Coast of the United States, and that’s when the majority of Insider’s followers are online and ready to watch new videos.

But even Morales says Insider followers “tend to be quite active during the day, so there’s no ‘sweet spot’ for posting.”

If you live in another country, consider posting around noon in your time zone. It all depends on where your followers are.

How to find where your TikTok followers live

Fortunately, you’re not all alone when it comes to knowing your followers. TikTok has a “Tools for Creators” section in the app that gives you a huge amount of data about your followers, including where they live and what time of day they use TikTok.

To find this menu, go to your profile and tap the three lines in the upper left corner. On the page that opens, tap Creator Tools and therefore Analytics .

The board Follower of your Analytics page has a few different stats. The data here is updated every morning.

  • Total followers And New followers show how the follower count has changed over time. Meanwhile, the growth rate tells you what percentage your follower count changed last week.
  • Sex tells you which gender your followers have listed on their profile.
  • Top Territories shows you the five countries where most of your followers are from.
  • Finally, the follower activity is a bar chart that shows the hours of the day your followers use TikTok the most. The higher the bar, the more followers are online.
A pie chart and two bar charts, showing the demographics of followers on Insider's TikTok account.

You can also go to the Analytics section on the TikTok website for more detailed information.

How to get more views on TikTok

If you’ve changed your posting times but haven’t seen success anymore – or you just don’t have enough followers to be important yet – you’ll need to learn some new TikTok strategies.

Here are ways to gain more TikTok views (and followers), including tips from Insider’s Elizabeth Morales.

Experiment to start, then become consistent

If you’re just starting out and don’t have a well-known brand, embrace variety. Try making videos on different topics, using different storytelling and shooting styles. Find out what you like to do and what people like to watch.

But “once you find a topic that strikes and you find an audience,” Morales says, “lean on that topic or style of video.”

In other words, once you find the gold, keep doing it. TikTok users appreciate the consistency of the users they follow, and making yourself the go-to creator for a specific topic or style is a great way to build a brand.

Keep track of trends

TikTok is a rapidly evolving platform where new songs and memes are born and die every day. Becoming a pillar of TikTok means keeping track of trends and making the most of them.

When a new TikTok meme appears, consider making a video with it. When a new song starts appearing in everyone’s videos, consider using it in yours. If a specific TikTok video is going viral, don’t wait to remix, react, or parody it.

And when you post your video, add popular hashtags. This will encourage TikTok to show the video to more users.

The Discover page of the TikTok app.

Collaborate with other users

Including multiple people in a TikTok introduces so many opportunities for comedy, drama, and more. Duet is TikTok’s most popular editing feature for a reason.

If you have friends on TikTok, especially if they have followers, get together and collaborate on a video. Not only will your fan base mix, but you’ll get the chance to bounce ideas off another creator and create something special.

Give a hook in the beginning

In creative writing, the first few lines of a story are called a “hook”. This will be the first impression of your story for readers and it needs to be interesting enough to keep reading.

TikTok videos work the same way. How often do you scroll through a video without even watching the first five seconds? On an app like TikTok where millions of videos compete for your attention, that first impression is vital.

This means that when shooting and editing, the opening shot is the most important part. Think about what you might do or say to get a viewer to keep watching.


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