What to do if the Apple Watch gets wet: the function to expel water

What to do if the Apple Watch gets wet: the function to expel water

The combination of water + wearables has always been disastrous. But let’s get the worst of it for a moment: you wear your Apple Watch and have bathed in it, or you have been splashed or dropped on a surface filled with water -sink, water, bathtub-, what do you do?

Apple Watch and water

The Apple Watch is waterproof, but it is not waterproof . For example, you can wear and use your watch while exercising (it can be exposed to sweat), in the rain and while washing your hands. As for the resistance, it depends on the model you have:

Apple Watch Series 1 and Apple Watch (1st generation) are resistant to water and splashes, but diving is not recommended.

Apple Watch Series 2 and later they can be used for shallow water activities, such as swimming in a pool or ocean. However, Apple Watch Series 2 and later they must not be used for diving, water skiing or activities that involve impacts in the water at high speed or deep diving.

What to do if the Apple Watch gets wet with water

According to Apple, if the Apple Watch got wet and the speaker isn’t ringing properly, you shouldn’t insert anything into the openings, like the microphone or speaker ports. Also, do not shake the watch to let the water out. According to Apple, let the Apple Watch charge overnight “, because “Could speed up the evaporation process when the terminal heats up.

On Apple Watch Series 3 and later, barometric altimeter measurements may be less accurate if water reaches the air outlet (for example, while swimming), but “the normal altimeter performance returns once the water has evaporated ”.

Eject water from Apple Watch with the speaker

But if you have an Apple Watch Series 2 or later, you can activate a mode that expels any water left in the watch using the internal speaker. When you start a swim workout, Apple Watch automatically locks the screen with Water mode to avoid accidental touches. When done, turn the Digital Crown to unlock the screen and you will see the water flow out of the Apple Watch with the speaker vibrating so that the liquid is ejected.

You can also activate this feature yourself: to manually remove water residue from Apple Watch:

  1. Scroll to L’ high from the bottom of the dial to open the Control Center
  2. to press Water Lock
  3. Rotate the Digital Crown to unlock the screen
  4. You will see how the water stays removed from the speaker

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