What was the best-selling mobile phone in 2019, Samsung or iPhone?

What was the best-selling mobile phone in 2019, Samsung or iPhone?

In the field of mobile phones, Samsung and Apple, or Apple and Samsung, are preferred among users. And in fact there are so many that practically both monopolize the Top 10 of the best-selling phones in 2019. A list whose first place is occupied by the iPhone XR.

iPhone XR, the best-selling mobile phone in 2019

According to the report ‘Market Pulse’ prepared by the analyst of the company Counterpoint Research On buying mobile phones in 2019, Apple has a clear predominance over the company that sold most of the phones last year, while Samsung positions itself as the second preferred manufacturer.

iPhone XR photo
iPhone XR best-selling mobile phone

Indeed, of the ten best-selling terminals are from Apple , with the iPhone XR the best-selling model in the world in 2019, with a market share of 3%. And although it was launched 4 months after the end of the year, the iPhone 11 managed to be the second most successful mobile device.

Apple is followed by Samsung with three models, all of its mid-range A-series with premium features like OLED displays, multiple cameras, and in-screen fingerprint sensor.

The only non-Apple or Galaxy mobile phone

Of the large number of brands on the market – Xiaomi, Huawei, LG, Sony, Moto, Nokia, OnePlus, etc. – only one managed to put one of their phones in this Top Ten dominated by iPhones and Samsung Galaxy: Oppo with its Xiaomi remains the best-selling model in China.

Summarizing by geographic region, the best-selling models look like this:

– APAC Region (Asia – Pacific): OPPO

– EMEA region (Europe, Middle East and Africa) : Samsung

– LATAM Region (Latin America): Samsung

– NAM Region (United States and Canada): Apple

Apple ranked in the top five in North America, while Samsung ranked in the top five in the Middle East and Africa. However, the combined share of the five main models is nearly 30%; the highest of all regions and an indication of market consolidation.

The iPhone XR was the only model that captured double-digit market share in any region.

ranking of best-selling mobile phones by region
ranking of best-selling mobile phones by region

Difficult time for Huawei

Huawei, the second largest player in global smartphone sales, it had no top 10 models worldwide. The company, which focused its efforts on China after the trade ban was imposed, had its own Huawei P30 among the top five Chinese models.

10 Best Selling Phones in 2019 – Final Ranking

  1. iPhone XR – Apple
  2. iPhone 11 – Apple
  3. Samsung Galaxy A50 – Samsung
  4. Samsung Galaxy A10 – Samsung
  5. Oppo A5 – Oppo
  6. iPhone 8 – Apple
  7. Samsung Galaxy A20 – Samsung
  8. iPhone 11 Pro Max – Apple
  9. iPhone 7 – Apple
  10. iPhone XS Max – Apple

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